[Haneda craft] Short Duralumin Handle S-Shaped

[Haneda craft] Short Duralumin Handle S-Shaped

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Short duralumin handle S-shaped

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To top Water Fun and Ambassador user is a custom handle of familiar Haneda craft. It appeared good Short of maneuverability than the original size. Equipped with a knob of pop color ring, bearing also excellent rotation performance in four standard equipment. Design good, the cost performance is also high handle.

Overall length : about 70mm (length of about 60mm from the core to the core)

handle body color : black, gold, red, deep blue , black handle gold handle red handle deep blue





handle fit : ABU, Isuzu, the M8 standards such as Daiwa handle nut adopted to that reel. ※ handle knob of Haneda craft (maintenance, etc.) If it is detached again, the threaded portion of the shaft (axis) of the steering wheel knob when the attachment is effective for stopping loosening, coating such as screwing agent it is recommended that where I am a.