[IOS Factory] ABU REVO spinning handle base

[IOS Factory] ABU REVO spinning handle base

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- use the IOS knob wanted to use -

is ABU Revo spinning system handle based releases.
All of IOS knob by a combination of the steering wheel base and IOS Cardinal handle can be mounted.
Also by attaching to the IOS Cardinal handle, making it easier winding very from slow to fast.

※ This product is used in combination with IOS Cardinal handle.

Because it does not offer used separately, please purchase the IOS Cardinal handle if necessary.

How to install

to set the shaft to 1 handle base. (Handle is not attached)

is set to 2 reel to verify there is no interference with the body.
If it interferes sets on a single shaft that came of adjustment shims.

The ideal clearance

to the body base examples they've interfere

only if you would interfere with the body, then screw the setting an adjustment shim color from above.

3 Once you have verified that there is no body interference, firmly screwed by 6mm spanner the handle shaft to the base.

Installation example

color lineup

Mad Black / Red

target reel ABU spinning REVO series No. 1000- 2500 No. class in the corresponding

accessories handle the base body, the handle shaft, adjustment shims each 1 set