[Avail] SHIMANO Microcast Spool ALD15LTD18TR for 15 ALDEBARAN BFS XG Limited

[Avail] SHIMANO Microcast Spool ALD15LTD18TR for 15 ALDEBARAN BFS XG Limited

Our Selling Price: US$100.10 [Regular Price: US$143.00]


◆ model name

Microcast Spool ALD15LTD18TR

◆ product introduction

reel: 15 Aldebaran BFS XG Limited
reel to the mounting already Avail parts
Microcast Spool ALD15LTD18TR black
12 Aldebaran BFS for the star drag black
offset handle LT 80mm black
M7 handle nut black
wood flat knob left twisting Santos Rose Wood
GM knob cap brim without black

custom weight 135.6g (catalog value: 140G)
15 Aldebaran BFS micro-cast spool for XG Limited, is a trout special model.
Depending on the tackle balance if management fishing, following the spoon can also be cast 1g.
From mountain stream You can easily gram range of balsa-made floating minnow up to heavyweight minnow, it is possible without stress cast.
If you want to cast a lighter lure, is the use of PE line is recommended in order to suppress the increase in the weight of the spool.

Spool of trout special model, we have developed a fish of regular size in trout fishing, such as the management fishing and mountain streams to the target.
It requires a large trout and bass fishing equal to or greater than the strength of the mainstream, not suitable for heavy fishing.
Than the line-in shower in line capacity, if you wound a lot of thin nylon line, by the swelling-contraction with a nylon line characteristic of the water-absorbent, there is a risk of the spool damage.
Please be careful.

◆ Microcast Spool ALD15LTD18TR



◆ specs

│ basic specifications

spool parts: Ultra duralumin (colored by anodized)
shaft parts: stainless

-key size
Microcast Spool ALD15LTD18TI
depth: 1.8Mm

-compatible reel
15 Aldebaran BFS XG Limited

│ weight for

spool / weight

Microcast spool ALD15LTD18TR / 7.5g
genuine spool /9.0G

※ genuine spool, our steel spool both, are measured at inclusive brake unit.

│ line capacity

nylon line / 6Lb Fai0.205Mm
PE line /0.6 No.

nylon line / 50M
PE line / about 80m

was measured using a ※ Yamatoyo gut (stock) like nylon line (VERSATILE DESIGN).
Since the PE line is different in thickness by the manufacturer, please consider us as a guide.

│ Notes on your use
and to the summing using a spool rim, there is a possibility that the anodized aluminum is peeled off by friction.
Summing, please be carried out in the wound surface of the spool.
When winding the line on the spool, it can cause damage too over strong tension.
In particular, when winding the line with growth, such as nylon line, please use wound to loosen the tension.

◆ use method

can be used only replace the genuine spool.
Brake block, please use the genuine products.