[IOS factory] IOS Economizer for ABU Cardinal 3/33

[IOS factory] IOS Economizer for ABU Cardinal 3/33

Our Selling Price: US$15.40 [Regular Price: US$22.00]


The new ultra-lightweight economizer for ultra-fine PE line compatible with Cardinal 3/33 is now available.

* Main Features

1. The ability to reel 100 m of 4 lb line without the need for a bottom reel saves a lot of money on bottom reeling line.

2.The economizer's unique oblique shape enables reverse taper winding and forward taper winding, which are unique to cardinals, to be made close to parallel winding by setting them arbitrarily.

3. the reel's own weight is reduced by significantly reducing the total weight of the spool, which also lightens the reel's windings.

4. clear line also has a tonal black color that naturally blends in with the spool, eliminating color discrepancies with the underwound base.

* specification

Compatible only with stock spools of ABU Cardinal 3/33/3x/33x, etc.

This product does not guarantee perfect parallel winding.

If the uneven winding does not approach parallel winding by simple adjustment, please deal with it by winding the line at a lower winding angle in advance.

.When installing the spool, there may be a gap between the spool and the economizer, but this is not abnormal.

.When installing the spool set, some spool sets may be difficult to insert, but this is not abnormal as it is a characteristic of the spool set that enhances adhesion to the spool, so please push the spool set in firmly.

.When removing and installing, use a thin screwdriver or similar tool, protective gloves, etc., and work carefully to avoid injury.

* Mounting example

If the current line is wound up to a reverse taper, set the economizer to a forward taper.

If the current line is wound up to a forward taper, set the economizer to a reverse taper.