[Avail] Abu Microcast Spool AMB4550R-CB for Ambassadeur 4500CB, 4600CB

[Avail] Abu Microcast Spool AMB4550R-CB for Ambassadeur 4500CB, 4600CB

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◆ product concept

is a micro-cast spool, which was developed Ambassador 4500CB, for 4600CB.

Produced from 1979 over the around 1991, to have a mechanism of self-centering level wind will be distinctive reel.

◆ Color chart


Gun Metal


◆ spool specs

Material Spool parts: extra super duralumin (colored by anodized)
Shaft parts: Stainless Steel
weight MicrocastSpool AMB4530R-· CB: 13.8 g of
· MicrocastSpool AMB4550R-CB: 14.5 g of
· genuine spool 4600CB (91-1 91-92): 23.4g
Ambassador 4500CB
Ambassador 4600CB
-body color of silver or green par timing model
, genuine spool part number: 4424 or 975023
※ In the case of other models, please contact us by e-mail.

◆ line capacity

8Lb 10Lb 12Lb 14Lb 16Lb
AMB4530R-CB 60m 50m 40m - -
AMB4550R-CB - - 70m 60m 50m

※ Yamatoyo gut (stock) like fluorocarbon line was measured using a (Fluorochemicals Baryusuta).

◆ How to use

and remove the cog wheel attached to the genuine spool, please transplanted into Microcast Spool.