[Daiwa genuine] SLPW jigging spool [35] GUNMETAL

[Daiwa genuine] SLPW jigging spool [35] GUNMETAL

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◆ product concept

15 Sorutiga (bait) 35 series dedicated SLP WORKS optional spool

in the removal of the screw, easy-to-15 Sorutiga 35 series correspondence of custom spool made possible replacement of the spool.

By preparing a spare spool, such as the change of the corresponding line to the high-out, it will be able to respond to various situations.

※ 15 for Sorutiga is mounted with the spool lock mechanism, there is no compatibility of the spool of the left and right (ratchet orientation will be the left and right reverse).

◆ specs

weight: 59g
winding amount: PE 3 No. -400m, 4 No. -300m, 5 No. -250M

◆ compatible models

15 Sorutiga 35 series
(35N / 35NH / 35N-SJ )