[DAIWA genuine product] 17 THEORY Single Handle

[DAIWA genuine product] 17 THEORY Single Handle

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◆ Product Description

(Daiwa genuine handle set)

17 Theory Series lightweight type of genuine handle, which is standard equipment.

Material is made of aluminum material, thorough weight reduction compared to conventional genuine handle have been made.
Of course, it is a design that is also considered to rigidity.

Handle knob 3 types are mounting of the type I lightweight knob · T-type knob-power light L depending on the model to be installed.

Please note that does not have bearing is mounted on each of the steering wheel in the knob.

You can improve the rotation performance fresh water use of SHG-740ZZ and anti-rust performance excellent HRCB-740ZHi the by mounting two each. I think you'll distinguish the type of bearings depending on the fishing to be used.

◆ Handle type

40mm I type knob

45mm I type knob

50mm I type knob

55mm I type knob

50mm T-type knob

60mm T-type knob

65mm Power light L knob

【size comparison】



◆ compatible models

Daiwa made spinning reel of up to No.1000-4000

The length of the genuine handle by:17 Theory

Part No. Handle length Handle knob type
1003 40mm I type knob
2004 40mm I type knob
2004H 45mm I type knob
2506 50mm I type knob
2506H 55mm I type knob
2508PE 50mm T-type knob
2508PE-H 55mm T-type knob
2510PE-H 55mm T-type knob
3012H 60mm T-type knob
3500PE-H 65mm Power light L knob
4000 65mm Power light L knob
4000H 65mm Power light L knob

※Please refer to the time to examine the length of genuine handle that is attached to your existing Daiwa made spinning reel.

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