[SHIMANO genuine product] CI4+ Carbon Handle

[SHIMANO genuine product] CI4+ Carbon Handle

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◆Product concept

(Shimano Yumeya genuine handle set)

16 Vanquish series in genuine handle, which is standard equipment.
Material is made of CI4+ is a lightweight carbon material of Shimano, weight than metal genuine handle has become lightly.
There is also a part of the design has also been precisely anodized handle, CI4+ material site also has been utilized the material unique pattern, it puts a unique atmosphere.

[Single-handle type]

Handle knob, lightweight slim knob type that is from 2016 to mainstream Shimano standard equipment.
The inside knob is Nashi rotation performance is also a problem because the bearings are two have been built.

◆Handle type

Single Handle 35mm Black slim-knob

Single Handle 40mm Gun Metal slim-knob

Single Handle 45mm Black slim-knob

Single Handle 50mm Black slim-knob

Single Handle 50mm Gun Metal slim-knob

Single Handle 50mm Gun Metal T-type knob

Single Handle 55mm Black T-type knob


Shimano to No. 1000-4000 spinning reel

Count another by a genuine handle length:16 Vanquish

Part No. Handle length Handle knob type
1000PGS 35mm Slim-knob
C2000S 40mm Slim-knob
C2000HGS 45mm Slim-knob
C2500HGS 45mm Slim-knob
C2500XGS 50mm Slim-knob
2500S 50mm Slim-knob
2500HGS 55mm Slim-knob
C3000 50mm T-type knob
C3000HG 55mm T-type knob
C3000XG 55mm T-type knob
C3000SDH 90mm Slim-knob
C3000HGSDH 90mm Slim-knob
3000HGM 55mm T-type knob
4000HG 55mm T-type knob
4000XG 55mm T-type knob

Please refer to the time to examine the length of genuine handle that is attached to your existing Shimano spinning reel.