[DAIWA genuine product] SLP WORKS Spinning Reel Handle Cap S(with waterproof packing)

[DAIWA genuine product] SLP WORKS Spinning Reel Handle Cap S(with waterproof packing)

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◆ Product Description

SLP WORKS Launch By now, the spinning reel for dress-up parts spinning handle cap S. from

Dish there is a very high-class feeling by the fine molding and double anodized by machine cut. It has a complicated design, but secretly has a very calm atmosphere there is also tint, but is firmly custom parts who favors the reel.

In addition, this kind of handle caps but I it may be difficult to do be removed by hand, very easy to knob thanks to the blanking processing side, it is also glad removal is easy.

Standard self-weight: 2g

◆ color lineup

from the left, Gun Metal, Red

◆ compatible models





・10CERTATE High Shift Custom







・Racing Condition

・old tournament Z, X system
· TD-Z, X system
· Silver Creek Z, X system

※ corresponds to the No. 1000 -3012 No. class of the count.
※ 3500 No. No. -4000 is not attached.
※ can not be attached to the initial type Seruteto (around 2004).

(For the corresponding model of the reel stand-cap)

to many of the manufacturer's website, only a part of the reel name at the time of product launch are not listed in the corresponding models.
But, there are many things that are also compatible with reel of more new latest model in practice.

With respect to the reel that are not listed on the manufacturer's home page, it is what has been published in HEDGEHOG STUDIO own investigation.
As long as it is purchased from HEDGEHOG STUDIO, please do not worry because it will be attached guarantee those of other manufacturers.

Other, If you have any questions compatible models, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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