[Avail] SHIMANO Microcast Spool 17CNQ15R for 17 CALCUTTA CONQUEST BFS

[Avail] SHIMANO Microcast Spool 17CNQ15R for 17 CALCUTTA CONQUEST BFS

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It is a micro cast spool (custom spool) developed for Shimano bait finesse bait reel 17 Calcutta Conquest BFS released by Avail.

This model is compatible with Shimano's original magnet brake, FTB (finesse tune brake system) brake.

The shallow groove model Microcast Spool / 17CNQ15R is suitable for bait finesse using the 4 to 6 pound line and PE line and mountain stream trout fishing using the filament line.

This spool has a shallow groove specification compared to the genuine spool, and due to its structure, the distance between the magnet brake and the spool is larger than that of the genuine spool.

As a result, if the genuine brake is used, the effect will not be sufficient, so when using it, it will be more comfortable if you purchase a special neodymium magnet φ4 × 1mm set and use it by adding each.

[Avail] 8 pcs Magnet Set for Avail Spool 16ALD15R / 17SCP15R / 17CNQ15R

Regarding the installation of additional magnets

To use the shallow groove type 17CNQ15R, 8 auxiliary magnets φ4 x 1 mm are required.

Please use it after mounting the magnet sold separately on the magnet of the genuine brake.

Regarding Spool Bearings

The bearing mounted on the shaft of 17CNQ15R is 740ZZ size.

Please note that the size is different from the bearing built into the genuine spool.

The bearing on the palming cup side is the same as the genuine one, and the 730ZZ size (inner diameter 3 mm x outer diameter 7 mm x thickness 3 mm) is suitable.









Spool : extra super duralumin
Shaft : extra super duralumin

・Spool rim level

17CNQ15R : 1.5mm
17CNQ29R : 2.9mm




Microcast Spool 17CNQ15R : approx. 5.1g
Microcast Spool 17CNQ29R : approx. 5.3g
Orginal Spool : approx. 7.9g

・Line capacity

4Lb φ0.165mm 45m
6Lb φ0.205mm 35m

10Lb φ0.260mm 50m
12Lb φ0.285mm 40m

* The numerical value above is the result of measuring by winding fluoro-carbon line up to the edge of spool rim.

There is a possibility that anodized color finish can be rubbed off by thumbing on the spool edge as you use. It's better to thumb on fishing line on the spool as much as you can.
When winding the line on the spool, applying too much tension may cause damage.
Especially when winding a stretchy line such as a nylon line, loosen the tension before use.