[Avail] SHIMANO Microcast Spool [17CNQ15R] for 17 CALCUTTA CONQUEST BFS

[Avail] SHIMANO Microcast Spool [17CNQ15R] for 17 CALCUTTA CONQUEST BFS

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Microcast Spool 17CNQ15R (Spool rim level: 1.5 mm)


Matte Black



Champagne Gold


Product Description

Microcast spool for 17 CALCUTTA CONQUEST BFS.
Equipped with a magnetic brake designed specifically for bait finesse fishing, this reel is perfect for finesse casting because it works very well with lightweight lures.

The Microcast Spool 17CNQ15R shallow slot model is recommended for mountain stream trout using 4-6 pound monofilament or PE line.
If the genuine brakes are left in place, they will work less effectively, so please add an optional neodymium magnet (φ4 x 1 mm).

[Avail] 8 pcs Magnet Set for Avail Spool 21SLX15R/17CNQ15R/16ALD15R

The deep groove model Microcast Spool 17CNQ29R is designed to wind 10-12 pound line.
This spool is deeper than the genuine spool and is recommended for Texas rigs from 3.5 g to 9 g.

Please select the groove depth according to the tackle and line used.

Purchase and Installation of Additional Magnets

Shallow groove type 17CNQ15R requires magnet MAG φ4x1mm 8 pcs. set.
The microcast spool 17CNQ15R is shallower than the genuine spool, so the magnet as used on the genuine reel would be too far away from the spool, resulting in less effective braking.
Install the magnet (sold separately) over the magnet of the genuine brake.
If the brakes are too strong, please adjust the number of brakes to 7, 6, 5, and so on.
For deep-groove type 17CNQ29R, please use the genuine brakes as they are.

Regarding Spool Bearing

The bearing mounted on the shaft section of the 17CNQ15R is 740ZZ size.

Please note that the size of the bearing is different from that incorporated in the genuine spool.

The bearing on the perming cup side is the same size as the genuine 730ZZ (Inner diameter 3 mm x Outer diameter 7 mm x Thickness 3 mm).



Basic Specifications

- Material
Spool part: Super duralumin (colored by anodizing)
Shaft part: Super duralumin (hard anodized)

- Size
Microcast Spool 17CNQ15R (Spool rim level: 1.5 mm)
Mounted bearing: 7 mm x 4 mm x 2.5 mm

- Compatible reels

- Weight

Spool/Weight/Weight Ratio
Microcast Spool 17CNQ15R/5.1 g/64.6 %
17 CONQUEST BFS Genuine spool/7.9 g/-

Weight may vary slightly depending on the production lot.
Weight including Ball Bearing.

Line Capacity

Spool/4Lb φ0.165 mm/6Lb φ0.205 mm
Microcast Spool 17CNQ15R/45 m/35 m
Genuine spool/90 m/60 m

Measurements were taken using fluorocarbon line (FluorovaluStar) from Yamatoyo Tegusu Co.

Thumbing with the spool rim may cause the anodized aluminum to peel off due to friction.
In particular, thumbing should be done on the line winding surface of the spool.
When winding line onto the spool, applying too much tension can cause damage.
When winding a stretchy line such as nylon line, in particular, please use a looser tension.