[DAIWA genuine product] SS AIR Original Spool

[DAIWA genuine product] SS AIR Original Spool

Our Selling Price: US$143.00


■ Product concept

This is DAIWA original spool equipped on SS AIR.

■ Spec

Weight : approx. 9.13g
Line Capacity (with fluorocarbon line) : 8lb - 50m
Spool Diameter : 32mm

■ Compatibility

( 8.1R, 8.1L )

■ Spool Case provided

Purchase Bonus by HEDGEHOG STUDIO!

[Spool Case 40L]

If you buy one now, spool case will come with the spool.

■ Bearing Upgrade

By replacing the original spool bearing with HEDGEHOG STUDIO' product, spool rotational performance will be

(Compatible bearing)

> HS-1130AIR BFS

* In order to replace spool bearing, "Spool Bearing Pin Remover" is necessary.