[IOS Factory] S-System [POWER] (for SHIMANO) *SDSY

[IOS Factory] S-System [POWER] (for SHIMANO) *SDSY

Our Selling Price: US$53.90 [Regular Price: US$77.00]


Linear response, the minimum required, even for fighting big fish!

Strong hooking bower

High-precision drag unit provides a high-pitched mechanical drag sound.

IOS SSystem Power is the one and only Drag System.

S System Power is a drag system for mid-size Shimano reel models.

Loosening the drag gives the fish the initiative.
When the drag is tightened, it is instantly run and cut.
We want the thick shaft hook to penetrate the hook, even when casting long distances.
This is the ultimate drag system that combines the contradictory characteristics of conventional drag systems, such as the need to properly follow the gills and jumps of fish, and the need to provide constant tension to prevent fish from being caught.

The lightweight, high-strength, high-precision machine-cut one-piece housing made of ultra-super duralumin, the spool holder, called the second drag washer, and washers are made of a newly developed impregnated oil resin with excellent wear resistance characteristics.
It combines high-precision drag characteristics with strong hooking power and drag response that transitions linearly from the initial movement.

It is also suitable for rockfish fishing around cover where power game near reel breaking strength is required, shore jigging around rocky shores, and offshore ferocious game fish such as dolphinfish and bluefish, etc., with a high and comfortable drag sound that rivals are jealous of, similar to the Ferrari V12 sound in the early 90s, and it shows the best drag performance.

※The S system takes the drag characteristics of the reel to the limit and to the extreme, which may put unimaginable strain on the rod and body, not to mention the line and hook.

※When the 14 STELLA is attached, even if the drag is tightened, there may be a case that tension is not applied.
If this is the case, please add one additional piece of the supplied felt to accommodate.

※Not compatible with lever brake specifications.

※SW series and those with drag ratchets built into the spool cannot be fitted.

※However, the STRADIC Ci4 4000 series is applicable to the conventional S-system.

│Recommended reels

│Target fish
・Sea Bass, Cherry Trout
・Bluefish (Shore&Offshore)
・Flat & Rockfish, etc.

・S system main body (made of ultra-high duralumin + hard corrosion-resistant alumite treatment)
・Exclusive bearing (made of high-strength stainless steel) & Exclusive spacer (made of super duralumin + hard corrosion-resistant alumite treatment)
・Adjustment washer 0.5/1.0/1.5mm (wear-resistant resin)
・Explosion spring (optional installation)
・Special tool for installation

│Drag Performance Specs
・Follow the recommended drag value for each reel.

※Please check before purchase.
・Shaft diameter of 4.5 mm is suitable.
・When purchasing, please be sure to check the shaft diameter before purchasing.
・For small reels with a shaft diameter of 4.0 mm, the regular S system fits.

│Mounting method

1  Check the compatibility of your reel and prepare it.

2 To prevent uneven winding of the line, while rotating the rotor, affix a mark to the reel spool at the reel spool's last end position with magic marker or tape, etc.

3  Remove the spool and overhaul the internal drag washer with IOS drag grease. (Recommended grease: IOS Dekakuma)

4 Remove the hexagonal bolt set screw that holds the stock spool receptor in place with the hexagonal screwdriver provided, leaving only the main shaft.
  The removed spool receiving unit is not used.

5 Set the main body of the S system and insert and secure the hexagonal bolt again.

6 Set the bearing in the main body of the S system, and then install a stepped metal spacer with IOS gear grease on both sides, paying attention to the cutout hole so that the stepped side is on the bearing side.

7 Then, attach the supplied black adjusting washer (1.5 mm), attach the spool, and use the adjusting washer to fine-tune the spool back and forth so that the rear end of the spool is at the marker position mentioned earlier.
After fine adjustment, be sure to apply IOS gear grease on the black washer.

8 If the spool position is good, tighten the drag knob and check that the S-system unit and spool do not interfere with the rotor by rotating the rotor slowly by hand.
If the spool interferes with the rotor, do not force it to turn, but loosen the drag knob, remove the spool, reassemble the stock drag unit, check the position, install the S system, and repeat the adjustment again.

9 For those who prefer a louder drag sound, the stock spring can be widened and installed to produce a higher-pitched sound.

│How to install the included explosion spring

If desired, the included explosion spring can be attached to the stock spring behind the spool for an even louder drag sound.

※Please note that bending the spring will make the sound even louder, but will also accelerate wear on the S system itself.

※Please note that some reels may not be compatible depending on the reel model.

1 Remove the spool and remove the stock drag spring unit with a screwdriver.

2 Set the explosion spring as shown in the figure.

3 Attach the drag claws on top.

4 Insert the fixing screws.

5 Be sure to check that the drag claws are in the correct position, then screw them in firmly with a screwdriver.

6 Check that the claws work properly, install the spool, and if it makes a sound, you are done.

│Daily maintenance

・Apply IOS gear grease to all parts including bearings and S-system.

・Especially after washing with water, be sure to apply grease after drying well.