[IOS Factory] S-System POWER (for SHIMANO)

[IOS Factory] S-System POWER (for SHIMANO)

Our Selling Price: US$77.00


Also fight heavyweights, a minimum of linear response to the need!

Intense hooking bus word to leave the centroid! And Tame.

High-pitched mechanical drag sound that high precision drag unit brings.

IOS SSystem Power is the very one and only drag System.

The S system Power, is a drag system that corresponds to the mid-size model of the Shimano reel.

And loosen the drag, thus given the initiative to fish.
When tightening the drag, it is cut is run in an instant.
A thick shaft hook, I want to also pass through during the long cast.
Also to follow neatly in gill wash and jump of fish, and was always such as want to prevent a barre given the tension, to achieve both the normal contradictory drag characteristics, it is the ultimate drag system.

Lightweight and ultra super duralumin precision machine cuts one-piece housing of high strength, receiving spool called second drag washers, excellent wear characteristics of the newly developed washer, adopted impregnating oil resin.
And drag characteristics of accurate, has both strong hooking power and Doragureponsu transition from initial linearly.

And salmon that sensitive drag work is required, sea bass, of course, the power game in the vicinity of the reel destruction strength is required, from the lock Fuisshu around cover, Shore jigging around Iso, of course, ferocious of offshore, such as dolphin and vegetables the game Fuisshu, was also similar to Ferari V12 sound of the early 90's, with a shrill pleasant drag sound that rivals jealous, and delivers the best of the drag performance.

※ Since the S system brings out the drag characteristics of the reel to the limit and the limit, line and hook, of course, because there is a possibility that the unimaginable burden is applied to the rod and the body than usual, not please use on your mind.

│ fit reel
-10 Stella 3000 to 4000
, 14 Stella 3000-4000 (washer additional required)
, 11 twin power later 3000〜C5000
-15 twin power (XD recommended) 3000〜C5000
3000-4000 class of-12 van Quiche later corresponding to the 4000 class of equal 10 Ekusensu later

also strangled the drag when attached to the ※ 14 Stella, etc., there are times when tension is not applied.
In that case, please correspond to add one piece of felt attached.

※ It does not correspond to the lever brake specification.

※ and SW series, to those of the type that drag the ratchet has been built on the spool, is not be mounted.

※ However, Sutoradekku Ci4 4000 series is a conventional S-system is will be applicable.

│ recommended reel
, Shimano 17 Twin Power XD 4000XG / C5000XG

│ target fish
, sea bass, salmon
, vegetables (Shore & offshore)
flat & lock Fuisshu such as

│ accessories
· S system body (ultra duralumin + hard corrosion-resistant anodized)
Dedicated bearings (high-strength stainless steel) and a dedicated spacer (ultra duralumin + hard corrosion anodized)
and adjustment washers 0.5 / 1.0 / 1.5 mm (abrasion resistant resin)
, explosion spring (Optional Mounting)
- installation tool

│ drag performance specifications
conform to drag the recommended value of - each reel.

※ Please check before making a purchase.
Shaft diameter is fit 4.5mm size.
- at the time of purchase, your Check the shaft diameter always, please purchase.
The shaft diameter of 4.0mm small reel, will fit the usual S system.

│ mounting method

to check the suitability of 1 your reel, and prepare.

For winding preventing unevenness of the two lines, while rotating the rotor, with magic or tape or the like to the reel spool rearmost position and paste them into the mark.

3 Remove the spool, the inside of the drag washers at IOS Doragugurisu, and overhaul. (Recommended grease IOS Dekakuma)

4 genuine set screw hexagonal bolt the spool received is fixed, removed in hexagonal driver of accessories, you want only the main shaft.
  Spool receiving unit that was removed is not used.

5 Set the S system body, to secure plug again hexagonal bolt.

Bearing set to 6 S system body, from above, a stepped metal spacer coated with IOS Giagurisu on both sides, so that stepped becomes the bearing side, and attach while paying attention to the cut hole.

7 wearing black adjustment washer (1.5mm) of accessories thereon, wearing the spool, to the previous mark position, so that the rear end of the spool comes, to fine-tune before and after in the adjustment washer.
After the fine adjustment, please apply the IOS Giagurisu on the always black washer.

The better 8 spool position, tighten the Doragunobu, or not interfere unit or spool S system with the rotor, and slowly rotated by hand rotor, please check.
If the rotor to the spool interfere, without turning to overdo, remove the spool, loosen the drag knob, and reassemble the genuine drag unit again, after confirming the position, wearing the S system, again please repeat the adjustment.

9 towards the big drag sound of your choice, by attaching to expand the genuine of the spring, will be more high-pitched sound.

│ method of mounting the accessory of the roaring spring

to your liking, the supplied roar spring, by attaching the spool back of genuine spring, will be even greater drag sound.

※ By bending the spring, will increase even more sound, since it accelerate the wear of the S system body, Please note.

※ There is a thing that does not fit the reel models, please acknowledge beforehand.

1 Remove the spool, remove the genuine drag spring unit with a screwdriver.

2 Insert the roar spring, as shown in FIG.

3 drag of the nails and insert it into the top.

4 Insert the fixing screws.

Always After confirming that the 5 Doragutsume is in the correct position, firmly screwing with a screwdriver.

6 to see if properly nail is activated, and you're done sound is produced by mounting the spool.

│ for daily maintenance

in all places, including bearings and S system, please apply the IOS Giagurisu.

Especially after washing with water, after well-dried, please be sure to apply grease.