[DLIVE] "Air Stir" Handle 33mm ["Clear Blue" Collaboration Ajing Specialized Model] (Aging/Horse mackerel)

[DLIVE] "Air Stir" Handle 33mm ["Clear Blue" Collaboration Ajing Specialized Model] (Aging/Horse mackerel)

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DLIVE Special Billet Parts
Spinning Reel "Single Handle" for Area/Light Game

AIR Stir 33 mm Ajing Specialized Model

Clear Blue Collaboration Product

An astonishingly light 9.4 g! A special model specialized for Ajing has arrived.

*Aging (Horse mackerel)

DLIVE spinning reel single handle "AIR Stir" Ajing specialized model.
Supervised by Mr. Motooka, the representative of the famous angling manufacturer "Clear Blue".
They are packed with know-how for catching horse mackerel, accumulated from a vast number of actual fishing trips, and equipped with a new shape knob.
The new knob weighs 9.4 g (for DAIWA), the lightest weight ever achieved for a custom handle for light game fishing. (as of June 2018).
Not just shortening the pitch but also meticulously carving into the details of the handle plate.
This is truly a "specialized model" that combines DLIVE's technical capabilities and cutting-edge expertise in Ajing fishing.

Commitment to Pitch Length

Representative of the famous Ajing manufacturer "Clear Blue", Mr. Motooka
First and foremost, as an "Ajing specialized model", Mr. Motooka considered "pitch" and "knob shape" to be crucial.
The basic action of angling is lift-and-fall and shake, and the reel is often reeled in to reel in line slugs (dandruff). This allows for precise range control without interfering with the lure action.
The best 33mm pitch for compact retrieval with the wrist was chosen from several pitch candidates.

Commitment to Knob Shape

Color Variations


[2024 Limited Color] Silver/Blue

[2023 Limited Color] Silver/Black

[2021 Limited Color] Blue/Silver

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