[DLIVE] "Air Stir" Handle [ "Clear Blue" collaboration Ajing specialized models: 33mm]

[DLIVE] "Air Stir" Handle [ "Clear Blue" collaboration Ajing specialized models: 33mm]

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DLIVE Special billet parts
spinning "Single Handle" for the reel area / write games for

AIR Stir 33mm Ajing specialized model

Clear Blue collaboration products

startle of 9.4g! Special model appeared that specializes in Ajing.

DLIVE spinning reel for a single-handle "AIR Stir " Ajing specialized model.
Popular Ajing manufacturers "Clear Blue" representative Motooka Mr. supervision.
It accumulated from a large real fishing times, stuffing the know-how to catch a mackerel, equipped with a newly shaped knob.
To achieve DLIVE9.4g (for Daiwa), mark the lightest as a custom handle for light game. (2018 / June time)
not just to shorten the pitch, it was conducted to narrow cut finely until the details of the handle plate.
It has just become a combination of technology and state-of-the-art Ajing know-how of DLIVE "specific model".

Commitment to the pitch length

Mr. popular Ajing manufacturers "Clear Blue" representative Motooka
First, "Ajing specialized model" as the Motooka said the first was considered important to "pitch" and "knob shape".
The basic action of the Ajing becomes a lift and fall and shake, line slug often wind the reel in order to take up the (thread dandruff), a slight line initial relatively slow short pitch is generated by the tilt of shake and wind It takes up the only slug, to allow precise range control without disturbing the lure action.
And from some of the pitch candidate was determined to 33mm of the best pitch that can be compact to retrieve in the wrist.

Commitment to knob shape

color variations



【Limited Color】SILVER/BLUE (White Knob)

compatibility table