【TICT】CBS dedicated cassette bobbin for Shimano, Daiwa

【TICT】CBS dedicated cassette bobbin for Shimano, Daiwa

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■ Product concept

※ This item is, Tikuto CBS SPOOL Please use in conjunction with.

Recently, a line that is used in the write game is ester-fluoroalkyl nylon-PE and also each scale number, the type also diverse.
In accordance with the actual field situation, it was to realize that you can replace these easily is "cassette bobbin system".
Spool Ring bobbin body and that fall into three, (without resetting the drag value set) without once removing the Doragunobu bobbin can be replaced, to support responsiveness anglers.

In the finesse line when used in Ajingu and Mebaringu, only there is about 250g about the low-tension setting is often a reference value.
While azide is also implications such mouth prevent disconnection, since the main To do intensive extra fine line.
Even such a delicate finesse line, hooking is determined firmly, in the tension at the time of interaction with a constant sliding characteristics little change, the pursuit of smooth and speed-tracking ability is "TAG" drag.

■ For Shimano

■ For Daiwa

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