【DAIWA】 Spool Case SP(B)

【DAIWA】 Spool Case SP(B)

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◆ Product Features

Daiwa genuine semi-hard body type of the spool case!

This spool case corresponding to the spool for a spinning reel that has been released from Daiwa. Has adopted a semi-hard body of thick cushion built into the body material, it has become a strong build in shock.

Spool up to two can be stored.
The size of the spool can be stored by the case the size of the different.

Interior of the partition is freely can be adjusted by Velcro.

The case back has a name plate, you can determine the contents of the spool in an instant because write the fine information, such as the issue number of the spool size and the way yarns.

◆ Size lineup

From the left,S size·M size·L size

Part No. Daiwa spinning spool fit size size(cm)
SP-S(B):S size 1500〜2500、LB for 3000 About 6.5×11.5×7
SP-M(B):M size 3000〜4000 About 7×12.5×7.5
SP-L(B):L size 5000〜6500、throwing for 35・45 About 9×17×9

※ fit size is a guide only.
Please check at the time of purchase that it may not enter depending on the shape of the reel.