[Studio Composite] Carbon Handle For Salt Water 【RC-SW】

[Studio Composite] Carbon Handle For Salt Water 【RC-SW】

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[Ultra-rigid 6mm thick carbon plate]

carbon plate of 6mm thickness was developed to withstand hard work.
Without blurred even under unstable conditions on board, to enable accurate reeling,
the synergistic effect of the hollow carbon knob that is lightweight, realize smooth winding in ultra-sensitive.

[Offset plate and metal parts]

metal parts who support the 6mm carbon plate.
The shaft using SUS stainless to prevent chewing salt.
Is new designed to prevent seawater intrusion, further, you Yes and luxury subjected to cover the carbon tube.

[Excellent knob to hold of]

new shape knob to calculate the hold of. Of course, using a 21g lightweight hollow carbon.
L size is mounted to fit the reel count to 68,63mm.
Powerful reel work will also demonstrate firmly and effect.

[Demonstration field]

by the National field tester, thoroughly tested and ease-of-use strength, has been completed.

Compatible models

[Shimano] · 68Mm 63
13-16 Stella SW 4000XG
15-16 Twin power SW 4000XG

[Shimano] · 78Mm 73
----------------------------------- -----
13-16 Stella 5000HG SW, 5000XG, 5000PG, 6000HG, 6000PG, 6000XG
15-16 twin power SW 5000XG, 5000HG, 6000HG, 6000PG , 6000XG

[Shimano] 63 · 68mm ※ 08-10 SW-only
- --------------------------------------
08 Stella SW 4000XG, 4000PG, 5000HG, 5000XG , 5000PG , 6000HG, 6000PG
09-10 twin power SW 4000XG, 4000PG, 5000HG, 5000PG , 5000XG, 6000HG, 6000PG

[Daiwa] · 68Mm 63
--------------------- -------------------
15 Sorutiga 3500H, 4000, 4000H
10 Sorutiga 3500, 3500H, 4000, 4000H
12 Kyatarina 3500, 3515PE-H, 4000, 4020PE-H
08 Kyatarina 4000, 4000H
16 Seruteto HD3500H, HD3500SH, HD4000H, HD4000SH

[Daiwa] · 78Mm 73
------------------------------ ----------
15 Sorutiga 4500, 4500H, 5000, 5000H, 6500, 6500H
14 Sorutiga Expedition 5500H, 8000H
10 Sorutiga 4500, 4500H, 5000, 5000H, 6000GT, 6500, 6500H, 7000H-DF
01 Sorutiga Z 4500, 4500H, 5000
12 Kyatarina 4500, 4500H, 5000, 5000H
08 Kyatarina 4500, 4500H, 5000