[ZPI] SSRC Power Game Black Carbon Handle without handle knob

[ZPI] SSRC Power Game Black Carbon Handle without handle knob

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Product Description

The interface between image and reality
As soon as the lure lands on the water, the angler's nerves are focused on all the changes that occur on the other side of the line by the lightweight, highly rigid, highly sensitive carbon.
They feel the action of the lure, contact with obstacles, and changes in water pressure and current with their fingertips to create a clear image.
To do this, the lure must not only be lightweight but also stiff and rigid, which is why it is made of carbon.

Pro Staff Column

ZPI Pro Staff JB TOP50 Pro
Interview with Pro Ken Fukushima

SSRC PG Handle 92mm Carbon Handle
I have been using the SSRC PG Handle 92mm for many years in the tournament scene and have great confidence in it.
The 92mm handle is the perfect length for all-round use depending on your fishing style, but it is also the perfect length to adjust to all types of fishing, such as cover fishing, reel fishing, and bait finesse fishing.
Lightweight carbon makes it easy to handle and highly sensitive.
We believe that the most important thing is to make the whole process from bite to catching fish smooth and efficient.
Handle is a very important part of the reel.
Now I love it so much that I can't use any other handle but the 92mm PG handle carbon handle.

Why 92mm is so important?

Operability and sensitivity by lightweight carbon
Ease of reeling and lightness of feeling due to the length of the handle
The handle can be wound strongly from the moment of hooking. Strong torque at the beginning of reeling
Easy to reel even under heavy load such as during fishing.
Not too long. If the handle is too long, you will feel stress when reeling in or during a fight.
This is the best handle that has no disadvantages in actual use.
I would like everyone to try it. It will lead to better fishing results.

Achieved thorough weight reduction by adopting multilayer carbon!

4mm thick autoclaved carbon is machine-cut into a pent roof cross-section to achieve both function and design, and the holes are polygonal to distribute stress.
The top coat has been eliminated to give a matte and racy appearance.
One of the features of this product is that you can choose platinum carbon to match the reel design for a premium look.

Anti-rust open bearings are used to reduce friction.

In order to accurately transmit information to the knob, which is the final point of contact with the angler, it is desirable to reduce friction (resistance) in the rotating part.
Open bearing, which has less friction than the grease in bearing used by the factory, transmits the information to the angler.
The knob bearing is an important element that affects the sensitivity of the carbon handle.

Adoption of lightweight original knob and hollow structure to reduce weight variation

Natural materials, such as cork, have a weakness of solid weight variation, and can be heavier or lighter than the indicated weight.
In order to achieve both high strength and high precision, ZPI has adopted a hollow structure.
The knob is one size larger and easier to grip, yet weighs only 5g, meeting the standard of ultra-lightweight knobs.
* Standard resin knob is compatible with machine-cut aluminum knob S, graphic bone knob, barrel shape knob, flat knob S and BFC light finesse knob SD.

Improved center of gravity, balance, rigidity and sensitivity away from the reel seat

Lightweight bait reels have been greatly reduced in weight by using new materials and aluminum gears.
It is true that reducing the overall weight of the reel improves tackle handling.
However, in order to achieve the feeling of being one with the palm of your hand, it is extremely important to know where to place the center of gravity of the reel.
Bait reels have an unbalanced structure where the weight is concentrated on the handle side.

The lightweight handle brings the center of gravity closer to the center of the reel, creating an ideal dynamic balance.
In addition, the 4mm-thick carbon plate has been greatly strengthened, allowing anglers to play strong games against big fish with ease.
Increased rigidity to transmit information more realistically and to improve sensitivity
Fixed position of reelThe handle is located farthest from the reel seat.
Lighter reels are easier to handle due to less weight.