[SHIMANO Genuine] SVS Brake Block

[SHIMANO Genuine] SVS Brake Block

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◆ Product concept

(Shimano genuine)

Is SVS brake block of Shimano genuine.

Two types of Aldebaran BFS genuine and Aldebaran Mg genuine prepared.
Other genuine spool, can also be used in a centrifugal brake of Avail Microcast Spool.

◆ Corresponding reel

ALDEBARAN BFS (a block of photos the front side.) XG genuine
Color: Red (Size L)
Color: Translucent (Size S)

・12 ALDEBARAN BFS XG · 15 ALDEBARAN BFS XG Limited genuine brake unit
・ALD1218TR spool
・ALD1224R spool

ALDEBARAN MG genuine(It is a photograph of the back-side block.)
Color: Gray (Size L)
Color: Translucent (Size S)

・ALDEBARAN MG, METANIUM MG · XT, Scorpion XT, ANTARES AR genuine brake unit
・ALD0936RR spool
・ALD0918TR spool
・MT0726RR spool

※In addition to the above, the avail ALD09, spools fitted with MT07,4 point centrifugal brake.