[Studio Composite] Carbon Crank Handle for RC-SC EX plus 【XL29 Knob】 【96mm,102mm,108mm】

[Studio Composite] Carbon Crank Handle for RC-SC EX plus 【XL29 Knob】 【96mm,102mm,108mm】

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 Description of item

· DC-PLUS exceed the tough carbon plate of 5mm adopted to achieve a high-load operation at full torque. In a typical fishing trip, but may not be necessary is strong handle up to here, we decided to release for fishing does not hold if it is not the handle.

sometimes over-specification will be an alternative to absolute advantage. Knob maximum of XL29 is mounted

using a 5mm of new design from-traditional 4mm knob shaft.
Furthermore, next to the power washer of their own development, the newly developed coupling system "power socket"

has been reached so far more than not robust level. The contradictory properties of lightness and robustness were fused at a high level by their own custom mind.
※ by the nationwide tester team, breakage or bending in the total number hundred times of test fishing did not occur.

· It is formally adopted than this knob for the aluminum tube . Those attached to the knob lower as decorative rings, be integrated with the aluminum tube, achieving more design and strength and light weight. Further, on the outside of the aluminum to amplify the sensitivity winding carbon tube. Also prevention in cracking resistant to temperature changes caused by friction, silky winding very comfortable to pull out the bearing performance will also facilitate maintenance should be able to experience.

Installation example

◆ 16 Antares DC

◆ parts list

【HEDGEHOG STUDIO】 レベルワインドキャップ MT13

【HEDGEHOG STUDIO】 かっ飛びチューニングキットAIR HD 1150AIR HD & 1030AIR HD

[STUDIOCOMPOSITE Carbon crank handle RC-SC EX plus [XL29 knob] 96Mm

◆ Zillion HLC TW

【HEDGEHOG STUDIO】 ジュラルミンビス 7-7-8
【HEDGEHOG STUDIO】 レベルワインドキャップ
【HEDGEHOG STUDIO】 レベルワインドシャフト TA
【HEDGEHOG STUDIO】 ブレーキダイヤルスクリュー TA
【STUDIOCOMPOSITE】 ハンドルロックボルト Cタイプ ブラック (STEEZ・ジリオン・モアザンetc用)


【HEDGEHOG STUDIO】 かっ飛びチューニングキットAIR HD 1030AIR HD & 1030AIR HD
【HEDGEHOG STUDIO】 ウォームシャフトベアリング+2BBキット

[STUDIOCOMPOSITE] carbon crank handle RC-SC EX plus [XL29 knob] 96mm


From left, Red Gold Gun Metal Black

Notes on mounting

Compatible models

※ exchange of star drag is not required. You can remain attached genuine star drag.
※ When installing, please purchase the optional steering wheel lock nut of "Abu Daiwa for M8 size".