【SHIMANO】14 STELLA 2500 PE0820 [YUMEYA] Spare Spool

【SHIMANO】14 STELLA 2500 PE0820 [YUMEYA] Spare Spool

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◆Product concept

(Shimano genuine)

Shimano genuine Yumeya was released from the brand, custom spool that can be attached to the number 2500 to 3000 of 14 Stella.

Egingu that requires a line capacity, deep groove spool in that match in Salt fishing.


・Line capacity
PE (No.-m) 0.8-200


14 STELLA 2500/2500S/2500HGS/C3000/C3000SDH/C3000HG/C3000XG/3000HGM

◆Installation example