【STUDIO Ocean Mark】 Ocean Snap

【STUDIO Ocean Mark】 Ocean Snap

Our Selling Price: US$5.50 - US$8.80

Prices vary according to options.


- Regarding the availability of STUDIO Ocean Mark products -

It takes us about a week to get ready to ship STUDIO Ocean Mark products since we order them after receiving your order.
They might be out of stock at the timing of your order sometimes.
In case of stockout, we will refund your purchase price immediately.

Snap that allows the speed change of the jig and the hook!
Since the snap is attached to the upper and lower jig and hook exchange can be smoothly.

◆ Quickness

cross snap absolute reliability in the fight at the time of repetition or foul hooking of removable is low, metal ring and split ring pliers used in the premise, weight and sound and friction of the binding portion will also be concerned about.
Ocean Snap while a high strength, was clear the Quickness performance not to miss the chance of a lifetime at a high level!

◆ Powerful

absolute strength as the material of the ring to adopt the SUS631 of the new material system has been improved.
Spring characteristics even after repeated attachment and detachment of the better than conventional products lure will close the "snap!"!

◆ toughness

because the cross-section of the line binding portion is a circle shape in which the barrel polishing, such as the press ring for a long time Fight fatigue breakage does not occur due to the corner cross-section.
Action to have fatigue of the knot part without any contact with the Ruaai will be drastically reduced!

◆ spec

OGM OceanSnap OS8BB (BB swivel specification) GT & Tuna 97kg (214lb) 2 pieces
OGM OceanSnap OS6BB (BB swivel specification) Kingfish 58kg (128lb) 3 pieces
OGM OceanSnap OS5BB (BB swivel specification) inshore light vegetables jigging 49kg (108lb) 3 pieces
OGM OceanSnap OS4BB (BB swivel specification) light jigging 44kg (97lb) 3 pieces
OGM OceanSnap OS3BB (BB swivel specification) scabbard fish / sea bass 25kg (55lb) 4 pieces
OGM OceanSnap OS3WBB (BB swivel specification) scabbard fish / sea bass 25kg (55lb) 3 pieces

OGM OceanSnap OS8 GT Ando tuna 97kg (214lb) 3 individual entry
OGM OceanSnap OS6 amberjack 58kg (128lb) 5 pieces
OGM OceanSnap OS5 inshore light vegetables jigging 49kg (108lb) 7 pieces
OGM OceanSnap OS4 dolphin 44kg (97lb) 8 pieces
OGM OceanSnap OS3 Big Chivas 25kg (55lb) 8 pieces
OGM OceanSnap OS3S Chivas 11kg (24lb) 8 pieces

◆ type