【DAIWA】 Level Wind Cap

【DAIWA】 Level Wind Cap

Our Selling Price: US$7.49


◆ Product concept

one color parts is a classic hedgehog studio original reel custom!

A cap attached to the level wind of Daiwa in color of your choice is a dress-up can be custom parts. The color line-up all 12 colors.

Weight: about 0.5 g of

◆ Color chart

Sapphire Blue Sky Blue Red

Royal Purple Pink Deep Purple

Lime Green Orange Gold

Champagne Gold Black Gun Metal

◆ Compatibility

■ Steez SV TW
(1016SV-H, 1016SV-HL, 1016SV-SH, 1016SV-SHL)

■ Steez A TW
(1016H, 1016HL, 1016SH, 1016SHL)

■ Steez Limited SV TN
(103H-TN, 103HL-TN )

■ Steez Limited SV
(105XH, 105XHL)

■ Steez SV
(6.3R, 6.3L)

■ Steez
(100H, 100HL, 100SH, 100SHL, 103H, 103HL)

(6.3R-TN, 6.3L-TN, TN-8.1R, 8.1L-TN)

(8.1R, 8.1L)

(103, 103L, 103H, 103HL, 103SH, 103SHL, 105XH, 105XHL)

■ Zillion TW SV
(1016SV, 1016SV-L , 1016SV-H, 1016SV-HL, 1016SV-SH, 1016SV-SHL, 1016SV-XXH, 1016SV-XXHL)

■ Zillion HLC TW
(1514SH, 1514SHL)

■ Zillion TW
(1516, 1516L, 1516H, 1516HL, 1516SH, 1516SHL, 1516XXH, 1516XXHL)

■ Zillion HD USA model
(100HS, 100HSL)

■ Zillion TW USA model
(100H, 100HL, 100HS, 100HSL, 100P, 100XXS, 100XXSL)

■ TD Zillion J Dream
(5.3R, 5.3L, 6.3R, 6.3L, 7.9R, 7.9L)

■ TD Zillion
(100P-CC, 100PL-CC, 100H, 100HL, 100SH, 100SHL)

■ TD Zillion 7.3 Limited
(100, 100L )

■ TD Zillion PE Special
(100H, 100HL, 7.9R, 7.9L)

■ Tatura TW SV
(6.3R, 6.3L, 7.3R, 7.3L, 8.1R, 8.1L)

■ Tatura HLC
(7.3R-TW, 7.3 TW-L, 7.3L-TW, 8.1L-TW)

■ Tatura
(103H-TW, 103HL-TW, 103SH-TW, 103SHL-TW, 103XH-TW, 103XHL-TW)

■ Tatura HD custom
(150H-TW, 150HL-TW, 150SH-TW, 150SHL-TW, 153H-TW, 153HL-TW, 153SH-TW, 153SHL-TW)

■ 16 Tatura CT - USA version -

■ 16 Tatura CT TYPE-R - USA version -

■ Alfaz AIR
(5.8R, 5.8L , 7.2R, 7.2L)

■ Alfaz SV
(105, 105L, 105SH, 105SHL)

■ Alfaz finesse custom
(105H, 105HL)

■ Alfaz R edition
(103, 103L)

■ Alfaz-F TYPE
(103, 103L )

■ Alfaz ITO
(103, 103L)

■ PX68

■ PX68 SPR

■ T3
(1016H-TW, 1016HL-TW, 1016SH-TW, 1016SHL-TW)

■ T3 SV
(6.3R-TW, 6.3L-TW, 8.1R-TW, 8.1L-TW)

■ T3 AIR
(8.6R-TW, 8.6L-TW, 6.8R-TW, 6.8L-TW)

■ T3 MX
(1016H -TW, 1016HL-TW, 1016SH-TW, 1016SHL-TW, 1016XH-TW, 1016XHL-TW)

■ TD-Z
(103H type ° R plus, 103ML type ° ° R plus, 103P, 105H) ※ HL is mounted not

■ TD-Z BIGBAIT Special

■ TD-X
(103H, 103P, 105H, 105P) ※ HL is mounted not

(103M, 103HL) ※ HL is mounted not

■ 17 Fuego CT
(103H, 103HL , 103Sh, 103SHL)

■ 16 Fuego USA model
(100H, 100HL, 100HS, 100HSL, 100XS, 100XSL)

■ More Than SV PE
(8.1R-TW, 8.1 L-TW)

■ HPF PE Special
(7.3R-TW, 7.3L -TW)

■ Aguresuto
(100H, 100HL, 100SH, 100SHL)

■ Bureizon
(100H, 100HL, 100SH, 100SHL)

■ Valletta

■ Megabus ZONDA

■ Megabus IS

■ Megabus IP

■ Megabus FX

■ depth DR-100ZX

■ depth ZDV100H

※ In addition to the above models also it can be mounted in a number of bait reel made of Daiwa.

◆ Instructions for assembly


After removing the side cover plate, remove the level wind screw that fixes the front cover.
Depending on reel model, you may not have to remove the front cover.


After removing the front cover, remove the level wind cap.


There should be a washer found on the inside after removing the stock cap.
Take that washer out and place it inside of your new custom cap.
Put all parts back together to finish up.

In the case of TWS-mounted reel of such Tatura and Zillion TW, it can be replaced also level wind cap without disassembling the reel.

First of all, we asked the level wind to the right or left edge by turning the handle. If you turn off the clutch level wind cap is exposed to the lower reel in that state.

A genuine level wind cap using a flathead screwdriver from there and replace with our level wind cap. Is the work completed.

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