【DAIWA】 Duralumin Screw Set 5-8-13 【STEEZ・IS】 PINK

【DAIWA】 Duralumin Screw Set 5-8-13 【STEEZ・IS】 PINK

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* Can be used for both left and right handles.

* The hexagonal hole size of these screw heads are 2.0mm, that used to be 1.5mm.
Please use 2.0mm hex driver for this item.

Wera 2.0mm Hex Screwdriver


( 6.3R-TN, 6.3L-TN, 8.1R-TN, 8.1L-TN )

( 8.1R, 8.1L )

( 103, 103L, 103H, 103HL, 103SH, 103SHL )

( 103H-TN, 103HL-TN )

( 105XH, 105XHL )

( SV6.3R, SV6.3L )

( 100H, 100HL, 100SH, 100SHL, 103H, 103HL )

■Megabass IS
( IS63L, IS73C, IS71HL, IS79UC )

◆How to use

Hard to damage or break the head of screws!
The precision hexagon screwdriver which is most suitable for duralumin screws!
For the installation of various alumite parts, I recommend the use of this driver.

Wera Tools Inc. is a German manufacturer with a history of more than 70 years.
Much goods, such as drivers of the epoch-making design which is for the ease of grasping, and Bi-Torsion Bits which is excellent in impact absorption, were praised for its durability and functionality.

The tip on how to tighten a head of screws is "turning, while pushing.”
Insert the tip of the screwdriver to the end of the hexagon hole on the basis of "power 3 to turn, power 7 to push".
So you can attach it well without damaging or breaking the head of the screw.