16 STRADIC Ci4+ 4000XGM Spool Shaft 1 Bearing Kit (L size) [SHG]

16 STRADIC Ci4+ 4000XGM Spool Shaft 1 Bearing Kit (L size) [SHG]

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 Product Features

* Please note that this item is a tuning kit for a spinning reel, Not a fishing reel itself.

SHG Premium Bearing
The high-sensitive bearing whose rotary performance is terrific is for professional use. The products were carefully selected by hand work from the crowd of other bearings. The rotational performance is superior to HRCB, and there is no rival for its ultimate smoothness.
This is the bearing to tune up for professional-use. It is very suitable for a high sensitivity reel to challenge by delicate tackle.

Reduce blurring of the spool during the drag operation by adding a bearing on the spool shaft.
Only the mounting of simple bearing along the manual,
t is possible to tune to drag the performance of the highest class.

Since this bearing is made of stainless steel, it is also possible to use it in saltwater.


This is 1 bearing item to add to spool shaft.

- Contents
・Spool Shaft Bearing x 1 pc (SHG-1680HH)
・Spool Shaft Wrench x 1



(4000, 4000HGM, 4000XGM)

(4000XG, 4000HG, 5000XG, 5000PG)
* NOT useful for 8000HG, 8000PG, 10000HG


(4000, 4000HG, C5000)

・ 11-12 EXSENCE BB
(4000S, 4000HGS)


Loosen the drag knob.

When loosening the drag knob to the end, you can remove the spool.

Then remove the arrowed gray washers.

There is supposed to be about three washers inside.

After removing washers, small hexagonal hole can be seen at the arrowed part.

There is a small hex socket set screw on the spool shaft. With the wrech in this kit, loosen the screw.

Remove the hex socket set screw from the spool shaft.

Then take out the "spool shaft bearing guide" which is fixed to the spool shaft.

There is a black plastic collar beneath the bearing guide. This is supposed to be replaced with a bearing in this kit.

The bearing is the same size as the black plastic collar.

First, install the bearing to "spool shaft bearing guide".

Then the bearing unit is mounted to the spool shaft. At this point, check there are projection and groove in each of the parts and make sure to fit them properly.

Bring back the small hex socket set screw.

Fix the hex socket set screw to the spool shaft in the opposite order of disassembling.

Put the gray washers back into the spool shaft.

This is how it looks when all parts back on.

Put the spool back and all done.

 With Instructions

 Bearing quality of HEDGEHOG STUDIO

The difference between the bearings of HEDGEHOG STUDIO and the bearings generally sold.

Almost of all bearings that you can purchase in hardware stores or online stores at cheap price are made for industrial use.

Since industrial bearings are made on the assumption that those are rotated by electric motor, fitting them into a reel as they are causes “heavy and rough” rotation.

Reel is handled by human hands.
Turning the handle by human hands… in other words turning the bearing by our hands.
Therefore different quality from the industrial bearing rotated by a motor is asked for here.

The bearing of HEDGEHOG STUDIO is Japanese-made product tuned up in consideration of fitting it in a reel.
If you take in your hand, turn and compare the bearing of HEDGEHOG STUDIO with an industrial-use bearing, you will immediately understand the overwhelming difference in smoothness.