【DAIWA】 RCS 1012 SPOOL for RYOGA1000,T3

【DAIWA】 RCS 1012 SPOOL for RYOGA1000,T3

Our Selling Price: US$88.00



■ Product concept

Daiwa genuine

"1012" is housed a nylon 12lb-100m. RCSB1000 series of ultra duralumin of real precision shallow spool corresponding to the magnet brake.

By the side of the laser-engraved, part number is self-explanatory.

■ Spec
Weight: 14g (except BB)
, winding amount: 12Lb - 100M

■ compatible models

◆ T3 SV
(SV6.3R-TW, SV6.3L-TW, SV8.1R-TW, SV8.1L-TW)

T3 MX ■
(1016H, 1016HL, 1016SH, 1016SHL, 1016XH, 1016XHL)

◆ T3
(1016H-TW, 1016HL-TW, 1016SH-TW, 1016SHL-TW)

(1016, 1016L, 1016H, 1016HL)

■ Bearing tuning

By replacing the genuine bearing on HEDGEHOG STUDIO bearing,
rotation performance of the spool is up.

(Fit bearing size here)

> HS-1150AIR
> HS-1150AIR BFS
> SHG-1150ZR
> HRCB-1150ZHi