【SHIMANO】 13 STELLA SW 5000S [YUMEYA] Spare Spool

【SHIMANO】 13 STELLA SW 5000S [YUMEYA] Spare Spool

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◆Product Concept

(Shimano genuine)

Was released from Shimano genuine YUMEYA brand, is a custom spool that can be attached to No. 5000-6000 of 13 STELLA SW.
5000S spool come in handy when aiming the surf and Hirasuzuki.


・Line capacity ※PE line dedicated spool


13 STELLA SW 5000HG/5000XG/5000PG/6000HG/6000PG
08 STELLA SW 5000HG/5000XG/5000PG/6000HG/6000PG

15 TWINPOWER 5000HG SW/5000XG/6000HG/6000PG
09 TWINPOWER SW 5000HG/5000XG/5000PG/6000HG/6000PG