[Avail] SHIMANO Light Slim Handle Knob Cap for 15 ALDEBARAN,16 Scorpion - 1 piece

[Avail] SHIMANO Light Slim Handle Knob Cap for 15 ALDEBARAN,16 Scorpion - 1 piece

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■ product introduction

is the knob cap for Shimano lightweight Surimunobu.
Including 15 Aldebaran and 15 Aldebaran XG Limited or, corresponds to the 1000PGS~C2000S classes and 15 Aix genuine knob of sense LB C2000MDH of 15 twin power.
Also, I think the previous corresponding model is not the increase.
Removal will be easy perforated type.

Shimano 15 Aldebaran 51HG
to reel already mounted Avail parts
Shimano lightweight Surimunobu knob cap Sky Blue
15 Aldebaran for the star drag black
offset handle LT 85mm black
handle retainer B type sky blue
aluminum handle nut M7 Shimano for black
mechanical brake knob for 15 Aldebaran Sky Blue

■ specifications

• basic specifications

aluminum alloy

(by weight) of
about 1g (1 month)

(adapted knob)
15 Aldebaran 50HG 50, 51, 51HG
15 Aldebaran XG Limited L / R
16 Aldebaran BFS L / R
16 Aldebaran BFS XG L / R
18 Aldebaran MGL 30,31 30HG, 31HG
16 Scorpion 70HG 70 and 71, 71HG 70XG, 71XG
17 Scorpion L BFS / R
17 Scorpion XG L BFS / R
17 Calcutta Conquest HG L BFS / R
with attachable reels left handle.
15 Twin power 1000PGS
15 twin power C2000HGS C2000S
15 Aix sense C2000MDH LB
16 Vanquish 1000 to 2500 classes and C3000SDH
16 Stora Dick CI4 + C2000~2500 class
17 complex CI4 + 
In addition, please refer to the following photos.

Knob above the photo of shape will fit.

■ Colors