[DLIVE] Air Stir Handle 45mm Planet Gold

[DLIVE] Air Stir Handle 45mm Planet Gold

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Phenomenal lightness was realized the "air steer" series to a new pitch length appeared
high specification versatile in Ajingu and area trout unchanged the concept of ultra-lightweight racing model
also its own weight 11g table in 45mm (Daiwa use) is unchanged, high rigidity and high sensitivity Special single-handle to achieve a

characteristic change due to handle the pitch
is excellent in a certain turn of capacity while the pitch of the previous was released of 38mm is "single, and good was eaten in slow "45mm to the handle is to become a long pitch," a more aggressive than or speedy fishing, fishing is good "handle that require torque.
Minute pitch is long, it does not bother wound up from the deep range in Salt corresponds to the larger fish.
In addition, since in many cases genuine handle of No. No. 2000 to 2500 classes have adopted the length of 45mm, making it ideal for those who want to custom with high sensitivity and lightweight use without changing the length.

Knob shaft specification change
model of up to previously DLIVE only handle a dedicated knob is although we could have mounted this model is DIVE, genuine knob that including Daiwa Shimano has changed to the knob shaft length can be mounted.
In response to various situations and fish species, it is now possible to retrieve the knob familiar have.

(Note:. Change kit to each manufacturer, shim, is a color not included)

joint system (1)
DLIVE other models and one of the big differences between the "steer" the center shaft, the knob shaft aluminum / duralumin using.
Desorption is tangled, the strength of the joint required has been applied "hard anodized".

Joint System (2)
a conventional aluminum center shaft stainless joint shaft 2 parts structure by finished in minimalist 1 conjugated structure with aluminum and plastic parts, succeeded in significantly lighter.
Also, close to the reel side until the last minute size of the center shaft, it has achieved a more linear winding sense.

knob Oval type of new design made of resin.
Reasonable thickness By to have, other than the oval faction, was to design anglers there is no sense of incongruity of both the round knob faction.
Surface has been processed design, such as to suppress full advantage of the slip.

The knob cap
knob cap also not shared with other models, "steer" was involved in weight reduction thorough even a slight part in the private parts.

Handle plate
handle portion of the main by 3D processing of strength calculation value limit, we achieve both stiffness and light weight by issuing a three-dimensional effect.

Body, knob, boss, all of the components parts of the non-bearing, etc., have been manufacturing such as motorcycle aftermarket parts / racing parts in the Mie Prefecture, manufactured in our own factory "DLIVE manufacturing factory".
3D CAD, product that is built up in the machinery of the state-of-the-art, including a 5-axis lathe complex machine, has become a unique ultra-high-precision ones.

Daiwa 10 EXIST

Shimano 10 STELLA

color variation one color

Planet Gold
Arm: gunmetal
cap: Gold
Center Nut: Gold

<product name>
drive Special billet parts
for spinning reel "Single Handle" area / write games for the "AIR Stir (air steer) 45"

Aluminum ※ duralumin (arm / boss)
skirt knob: POM resin

<size (pitch)>
(size from the center of the knob to the center)

Daiwa for 11.8g / Shimano for 12.1 g of

Planet Gold

<fit reel>
■ SHIMANO Shimano use ■
14 Stella 1000 - C2000 class
10 Stella 1000 - C2000 class
15 Twin power 1000 - C2000
11 Twin power 1000 - C2000 class
11 Bio master 1000 - C2000 class
16 Vanquish 1000 - C2000
12 Vanquish 1000 - C2000 class
12 Reaniumu CI4 1000 - C2000 class
12 Cardiff CI4 + C2000 click Scan
10 Soare CI4 C2000 class
13 Soare CI4 + C2000 class
13 Soare BB C2000 class
12 Arutegura 1000 - C2000 class

■ DAIWA for Daiwa ■
05 Igujisuto 1003 - 2004
12 Igujisuto 1003 - 2004
15 Igujisuto 1003 - 2004
08 Ignis 2004
14 Ignis 2003
04 Seruteto 1500 - 2004
10 Seruteto 1003 - 2004
13 Seruteto 1003 - 2004
16 Seruteto 1003 - 2004
07 Rubiasu 1003 - 2004
12 Rubiasu 1003 - 2004
11 Cardinal 2004
14 Cardinal 2004
13 Aegis 1003 - 2004
08 Presso 1003
14 Presso 1025 - 2025

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