[Haneda Craft] Duralumin Gold Handle S-shaped

[Haneda Craft] Duralumin Gold Handle S-shaped

Our Selling Price: US$83.60 - US$89.10

Prices vary according to options.



■ Description

"Haneda Craft" stylish handle is quite popular among top water gamers and Ambassadeur freaks in Japan.
・ 2 handle knobs in a variety of colors (Wooden or Acrylic) are already equipped.
・ 2 bearings on each handle shaft are already installed.(4 in total)
Then the price is quite resonable.

* Although this original design concept is for right handed reels. However there is no technical problem to use it for left handed reels at all.

◆Whole length:approx : 80mm
* The length between a handle knob shaft and the other one is about 70mm.

■ Color

BW (Brown Wood)

RW (Red Wood)

CO (Clear Orange)

CY (Clear Yellow)

LY (Lemon Yellow)


SW(Solid White)

CW(Clear White)

■ Compatibility

* Compatible with Abu or DAIWA reels that standard nut "M8" is adopted on.
It fits on almost all of ABU and DAIWA reels.