[SHIMANO Genuine Product] Line Roller for 15 TWIN POWER (1 piece)

[SHIMANO Genuine Product] Line Roller for 15 TWIN POWER (1 piece)

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(SHIMANO Genuine Product)

This is SHIMANO original line roller equipped on 15 TWINPOWER.

* The line roller bearing of 15 TWINPOWER cannot be changed to a new bearing because the genuine line roller and the line roller bearing are unified and fixed tightly together. You need to replace the whole line roller unit if you want to exchange the line roller bearing.
So the line roller cannot be upgraded by adding one more bearing or replacing just bearing itself separately from the line roller.

Quantity : 1 piece



How to install

Take "14 STELLA" as an example.

First, remove the bolts that secure the line roller.

Please note order not to crush the threads during removal is that it may have been fixed depending on the state of the reel.

* Note

The threads type will be either Flat head or Torx. Please prepare a screwdriver that is suitable for your reel.

Part of a total of six points by removing the screws can be removed.
In this, replace the line roller with new one.

After the exchange with a new line roller, we will incorporate the parts in numerical order of the above.

Attach the parts of the first (1).
Since there is a direction to be attached to this part, please go to correctly installed in accordance with the shape.

After installation, please continue to hold the parts as shown in the photo to the working end (1) with a finger.
Please note that when a force is part loose shifts can not be properly installed.

Attach the parts (2).

Install the line roller body (3).

* Note

As to the installation of the line roller, there is a direction.
Once you look at the side of the line roller, you can see that is different from the width of both sides of the groove. This width is narrower the veil side, please do the mounting towards wider to the fixing bolt side.

Attach the part (4).

Install the plate (5) .

Lift the arm, screw the tip of (1) and fix it.

Finally, whether the installation of the parts is being carried out properly, to see if the installed line roller is properly rotated.
This work is complete if there is no problem.