[KAKEDZUKA DESIGN WORKS] SHIMANO Duralumin Clutch Lever(Bar) CL-CNQ50 for '01 CALCUTTA CONQUEST 50/51, 100/101, 200/201, 400/401 (KDW-005)

[KAKEDZUKA DESIGN WORKS] SHIMANO Duralumin Clutch Lever(Bar) CL-CNQ50 for '01 CALCUTTA CONQUEST 50/51, 100/101, 200/201, 400/401 (KDW-005)

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■ Product Description

This item is Clutch Lever for SHIMANO '01 CALCUTTA CONQUEST 50/51/100/101/200/201/400/401, made of duralumin by machine cut.
By the offset specification, making it easier to thumbing control.

Because there is for the left handle for right-hand drive, please choose an option.

Weight: about 6g

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■ Compatibility

・ 00,01 CALCUTTA CONQUEST 100/101, 200/201, 300/301, 400/401
・ 03,04,09,10 CALCUTTA CONQUEST 100DC/101DC, 200DC/201DC


you have to remove the spool from the reel.

Remove the screws that secure the retainer.

Remove the handle lock nut, and remove star drag, a washer class.

Remove the three screws that secure the side cover.

Two short screws on the front, please take care because of different kinds one of the back is by long screws and location.

Also leave Loosen par timing plate shaft screw.

State you remove the side cover plate.

Remove the parts around the inside of the main gear and pinion gear.

Disassemble the parts of the clutch portion. Remove the two screws of the position of the photograph.

When the decomposition you can take out the parts, such as a photograph.

State after the decomposition.

Remove the E-ring that secures the clutch portion.

Remove the shaft at the bottom of the plastic cover. You can remove the clutch body by up to here.

It is part of around genuine clutch.

From here, we will attach the offset clutch.

Before you begin the installation, it is recommended to apply a stop loosening of the screw in the threaded portion of the accessory of the shaft. .
Please purchase separately loosening stop of the screw

Pearl required for installation. E ring and washers that secure the genuine clutch is not used. In addition, the shaft orientation There Pamingu, who there is a groove in the tip will be the par timing plate side.

First, install the outside of the plastic cover. If there is a groove will be inward.

Crispy clutch, and insert the shaft.

After insertion of the shaft, attach the plastic cover. This part also those where there is a groove will be on the inside.

The supplied shaft and screwed to the clutch.

And please confirm the operation of the clutch. Left and right in without a backlash, not too free a gap, there is no problem if move up and down smoothly. Once you have tighten the shaft to the point where the clutch does not work, it is well to go easy and you'll be adjusted while loosening.

It is attached to the parts around the clutch. First, we attached a picture of the bearing clutch plate clutch claw clutch pawl spring. In particular attachment when the clutch pawl spring there is a direction, please refer to the photograph.

Attach the clutch cam. At this time, the firm reduces the parts that you do not Ika flying part in the momentum of the spring.

The clutch cam holding plate and secure it with screws. Please confirm the operation off the once clutch have loaded up here. It is recommended that you reassembled again as long as the funny movement.

Then attach the parts around the main gear and pinion gear.

Install the pinion gear stopper gear and washers. It should be noted that the stopper gear there is a direction. Since the clutch this orientation is that it is the reverse will not return to the original, please be attached to the handle knob shaft with a photograph of orientation.

Attach the main gear and the inner tube. Please take care because there is a groove at the time of mounting the inner tube.

Attach the side cover. In this case, it makes it easier to work after tightening the par timing shaft screw.

Three of the side cover plate fitted with a screw to secure.

Install the bearing washer class with a photograph of the order.

Install the star drag fixing nut. In this case, please pay attention to the orientation of the parts. Is easy during installation and part of the photo is made in parallel.

Attach the retainer to secure the handle with bolts. And it is completed by closing the side cover to return the spool.

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