[KAHARA] Short Twin Handle for ABU Ambassadeur *KJHA

[KAHARA] Short Twin Handle for ABU Ambassadeur *KJHA

Our Selling Price: US$55.00 - US$70.40

Prices vary according to options.


Handle color:

[Handle design]

[Handle knob color: Standard plastic knob]

[Handle knob color: Special acrylic plastic knob]

This handle knob is not removable.
Please note that handle knobs cannot be replaced and bearings cannot be installed.

[Applicable models]
Short twin handle, short twin mirror handle, recommended for 1500C to 2600C

Aluminum and Pearl

Mirror and Pearl

[Handle length display]
The handle length indication is the actual length of the handle and arm from end to end.
Length of the short handle and twin handle is 63mm, and the length between the knob shaft and the center of the knob shaft is 55mm.

[Correspondence table]