【DAIWA】 RCS 1012 SV SPOOL PURPLE (Shallow Spool) for RYOGA, T3, T3 MX

【DAIWA】 RCS 1012 SV SPOOL PURPLE (Shallow Spool) for RYOGA, T3, T3 MX

Our Selling Price: US$84.15 [Regular Price: US$99.00]


■ Description of the product

- DAIWA Genuine Product -

This is extra super duralumin SV spool available and useful for DAIWA's No.1000 size reels, also convenient for using not only light weight lure but heavy weight.

Spool weight : 12.0g
Line capacity : 12lb 40 - 80m ・ 14lb 35 - 70m
Diameter : 34mm

■ Compatibility

( 1016SV-H, 1016SV-HL, 1016SV-SH, 1016SV-SHL, 1012SV-XH, 1012SV-XHL )

( 1016SV, 1016SV-L, 1016SV-H, 1016SV-HL, 1016SV-SH, 1016SV-SHL, 1016SV-XH, 1016SV-XHL, 1016SV-XXH, 1016SV-XXHL )

( T3BLS 100H, T3BLS 100HL, T3BLS 100HS, T3BLS 100HSL, T3BLS 100XS, T3BLS 100XSL )

( T3BLS 100XS LTD-Y, T3BLS 100XS LTD-R )

◆T3 100H Limited Edition
( Red, Yellow )

◆T3 SV
( SV6.3R-TW, SV6.3L-TW, SV8.1R-TW, SV8.1L-TW )

◆T3 MX
( 1016H, 1016HL, 1016SH, 1016SHL, 1016XH, 1016XHL )

( 1016H-TW, 1016HL-TW, 1016SH-TW, 1016SHL-TW )

( 1016, 1016L, 1016H, 1016HL )