【DAIWA】 Offset Clutch Lever CL-ZTW (for ZILLION TW,TATURA,Morethan PE SV)

【DAIWA】 Offset Clutch Lever CL-ZTW (for ZILLION TW,TATURA,Morethan PE SV)

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 Product Concept

This is Clutch Lever for DAIWA ZILLION TW,TATURA,Morethan PE SV,made of duralumin by machine cut.
In comparison with the original clutch lever, the level is lower. The difference makes your thumbing control easier.

* Can be used for both left and right handles

weight : approx. 7.0g

 Color Selection



・ ZILLION TW (Japan Model)
   (1516, 1516L, 1516H, 1516HL, 1516SH, 1516SHL, 1516XXH, 1516XXHL)

  (1516P, 1516H, 1516HL, 1516SH)

・ Morethan PE SV
  ( 8.1R TW, 8.1L TW)

・ TATURA HD Custom
  (150H-TW, 150HL-TW, 150SH-TW, 150SHL-TW)

  (103H-TW, 103HL-TW, 103SH-TW, 103SHL-TW, 103XH-TW, 103XHL-TW)

・ TATURA (USA Model)
  (100HL, 100HSL, 100H, 100HS, 100P)


Remove the handle and star drag.

Loosen the screw,after that side cover.

Remove the main gear,pinion gear, and then loosen the screw picture above to remove handle shaft.

Take off the arrowed screw and E-shaped retainer with an extra-fine driver.
This E-shaped retainer is : E-2.5

If you try to install bearings on the Worm Shaft, please remove a E-shaped retainer
on the small white gear.
This E-shaped retainer is : E-2.0
After removing the white gear, you can take off the screw underneath.

The Front Cover is detachable by taking off the screws on its both side.
After removing the Front Cover, remove the Level Wind Cap,
and remove a washer and a pin from inside.
Then you can take the Warm Shaft off the main unit.

Remove the parts aruoud the clutch.

Make it this far,you can remove the genuine clutch.

Put the offset clutch lever "CL-ZTW".

Put the parts around the clutch.

Put the Warm Shaft back.
At this point, make sure not yet to fix the E-shaped retainer of the other side.

Set the pin and washer on the Level Wind.Put a Level Wind Cap on.

Then, put the Front Cover back.Tighten the arrowed screw under the small white gear first.

And tighten the screw of the side cover, finally fix the E-shaped retainer.
* If fixing the E-shaped retainer before the screw of the side cover,
you cannot tighten the screw of the gear side.

Put the handle shaft on.and then put the pinon gear and others on.

Then, put the main gear and others on.

Set the gearbox cover and tighten screws to fix it.
Fix a star drag and handle to finish up.