【Abu】 Nezumigaeshi for ABU Ambassadeur 7000/7001 series

【Abu】 Nezumigaeshi for ABU Ambassadeur 7000/7001 series

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"Nezumigaeshi" is line trouble protect plate for Ambassadeur 7000 and 7001. It will protect to insert leader line between spool and main flame.

Ambassadeur 7000/7001


■Ambassadeur 7000 / 7001 series
* NOT compatible with Ambassadeur 7000i / 7001i

 How to use

Remove the handle unit.

Put on the thin plate of "Nezumigaeshi".

Remove the three screw. After that remove the side cover plate.

Remove the level wind gear plate,once.

Put on the "Nezumigaeshi" plate.

Put back the level wind gear plate.

Put on the Plastic rings to end of shaft.

Put back the handle unit and parming cup.

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