【SHIMANO】 Star Drag Avail SD-MT13-A (13 Metanium)

【SHIMANO】 Star Drag Avail SD-MT13-A (13 Metanium)

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 Description of the product

AVAIL Star-drag SD-MT13-A
* Can be used for both Left and Right handles

This is Avail original Star-Drag compatible with SHIMANO 13 Metanium.

You can make the looks nicer by replacing with this Drag made of duralumin.

13 Metanium

* Avail SWEPT handle "HO-SH-STA" is NOT compatible with this Star-Drag.
To fit on this Star-Drag, you can use either SHIMANO original handle
or Avail SWEPT handle STi "HD-OF-13MT-A".

>> http://www.hedgehog-studio.co.jp/product/1615

13 Metanium


13 Metanium







| Material : duralumin (aluminum alloy)

| Compatibility : SHIMANO 13 Metanium / 15 Metanium DC / 16 Metanium MGL

| Total weight : 7.2g

| Arm length : 28mm (from the center)

 How to replace

* Please refer to the following photos.

13 Metanium

13 Metanium

Remove the original handle and star-drag.

13 Metanium

13 Metanium

In order to fit the star-drag, the both straight lines of the square nut should be arranged in parallel to the straight lines of the drive gear shaft.

13 Metanium

Clicky sound plate should be placed properly.
The both straight lines of the plate hole should be arranged in parallel to the square hole lines of the main unit.

13 Metanium

Hold the drag as pushing it down to fix a handle.

13 Metanium

With Avail handle STi "HD-OF-13MT-A"