Revo Elite・EliteII・AURORA・Power Crank・STX - Avail Microcast Spool -

Revo Elite・EliteII・AURORA・Power Crank・STX - Avail Microcast Spool -

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|Regarding the stock of AVAIL product
It takes us two to three days to get ready to send Avail products
because we order them from the Avail factory.
Sometimes they might be out of stock at the timing of your order.
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|Description of the product
This item is "NOT compatible" with Revo Generation 3 series (2013 model year).

Avail Microcast Spool RV31R (The spool rim level is 3.1mm) with Brake Disc
Avail Microcast Spool RV51R (The spool rim level is 5.1mm) with Brake Disc

This model is for ABU Garcia Revo series.
See Compatibility

Just try this amazing lightweight spool !

Revo Elite

Spool : Microcast Spool RV51R NAVY

We make the spool body much thicker than ordinary ones to increase in strength.
By shaping the inside of the spool like a sport-car wheel, we make a great success of weight saving.
The diameter of the shaft has been improved and then shaft deflection under load has been decreased.

Revo Elite

Spool : Microcast Spool RV31R ORNG

|Spool colors
Revo Elite

Revo Elite

Revo Elite

Revo Elite

Revo Elite


Spool : extra super duralumin
Shaft : stainless-steel


ABU Garcia Revo series
Elite, EliteII, AURORA, Power Crank, STX
※Not compatible with LTX, MGX, LT, ALT


Microcast Spool RV31R : 9.2g
Microcast Spool RV51R : 9.6g

RVEL Brake Disc (for 3.1mm) : 1.4g
RVEL Brake Disc (for 5.1mm) : 1.6g

<Weight of genuine spool>
Revo Elite : approx. 11.6g

|Line capacity

RV31R 14Lb-65m : 12Lb-80m : 10Lb-95m : 8Lb-120m
RV51R 14Lb-100m : 12Lb-125m : 10Lb-140m : 8Lb-180m

※The numerical value mentioned above is the result of measuring by winding nylon line up to the edge of spool rim.

|How to replace
※Just take out the original spool and fit the Microcast Spool in.

Revo Elite
We ship the spool with RVEL Brake Disc (for Elite・EliteII・AURORA・Power Crank・STX) already attached on.