HRCB-830ZHi 3mm×8mm×4mm (10pcs)

HRCB-830ZHi 3mm×8mm×4mm (10pcs)

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10 pieces of high-performance bearing at a bargain price!!

ZHi bearing

With its excellent durability, it can manage to do jigging with 100g weight or more.
HRCB antirust-proof performance is more than ten times better than that of conventional stainless steel bearings.
Although the rotary performance is equivalent to ZR basically, the bearing has still more antirust performance against salt water.
This is also all-round bearing which bears severe situation, for example long casting and deep jigging from shore such as the surf and rocky area.
By applying both-sided shield, it prevents dust and seawater from penetrating the inside of bearing.


Q.Is it necessary to clean Hedgehog bearings before attaching to reel?

A.No, it isn't.
Generally, bearings available on the market for industrial use and hobbies have no good rotation very often, because relatively hard grease is often clogged up in the inside of the bearing and some dust get inside of the bearing.

Haven't you purchased the bearing of such low-priced editions, washed the them yourself and used them up to now?
Have you ever experienced to heard some noise or felt some rumbling from bearings after cleaning them thoroughly?
You never get good results no matter how many times it its washed, as long as the accuracy of bearing is bad.

All bearings of HEDGEHOG STUDIO are tuned up and coordinated "Just for fishing reels".
All the bearings are selected one by one by our craftsman's hand after assembly, and only the bearings with excellent rotation performance pass the checks.
And they are filled up with the "Alchemy Oil" developed only for the bearing, and are shipped.

Therefore, it is not necessary to clean or to lubricate oil of a different manufacturer since our bearing condition is the highest in performance when they arrive to you.
You will be able to get the best performance by just opening the package of bearings and setting them to your reel.

Q. What is the rating of your (HEDGEHOG HOG’s) bearing in the ABEC (Annular Bearing Engineers' Committee) scale?

A. It is the question we get most often from overseas customers.
Because the bearings of HEDGEHOG STUDIO are Japanese-made products developed exclusively for reels, it is not applied to the ABEC scale which is an American Standard.
However, the performance is the "non-standard" quality and precision which exceeds ABEC9 rating.