[Avail] ABU Aluminum Clutch Lever ZX Ver.3 for Morrum SX/ZX series

[Avail] ABU Aluminum Clutch Lever ZX Ver.3 for Morrum SX/ZX series

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Product Description

New aluminum clutch for ABU Morrum SX and ZX series.
This is version 3 with further improvements.
Two sizes: low position and high position.
Both No. 1600 and No. 3600 can be installed.

Reel: ABU Morrum ZX1601C MAG
Microcast Spool ZX1638R-mag (proto)
Offset Handle 90 mm Black
Aluminum Clutch ZX Low Position
EVA Slim Knob Black
Star Drag ZXUM Black


- Low Position

Low Position Black

Low Position Gunmetal

Low Position Champagne Gold

Low Position Red

Low Position Chrome

Low Position Silver

- High Position

High Position Black

High Position Gunmetal

High Position Champagne Gold

High Position Red

High Position Chrome


Genuine parts are made of resin, but the appearance will be changed by using metal products.
The center area is indented to improve the stability and fearlessness of the placed finger.
The left and right sides are slightly wider to reduce clutch itself from rattling.

The top side risers have been raised from version 3.
This has the effect of reducing the pain that some people may experience from their fingers hitting the inside edge of the frame when disengaging the clutch.
The photo above shows the clutch in the Low Position, with the clutch disengaged.

This is a height comparison of the Morrum SX3601C MAG with Low Position/High Position respectively.

High Position will be discontinued in March 2023.


- Material
Main unit: Aluminum alloy

- Height comparison with ZX genuine
Based on ZX genuine clutch
Aluminum clutch ZX High Position: +3.6 mm (Discontinued)
Aluminum clutch ZX Low Position: -1.4 mm

- Height comparison with SX genuine
Based on SX genuine clutch
Aluminum clutch ZX High Position:-2.4 mm (Discontinued)
Aluminum clutch ZX Low Position:-7.4 mm

- Weight
SX genuine: 4.9 g
ZX genuine: 3.6 g
Aluminum clutch ZX Low Position: 6.1 g
Aluminum clutch ZX High Position: 7.0 g (Discontinued)

- Compatible Reels
ABU Morrum SX and ZX Series
1600, 1601, 3600, 3601 suitable for various models

* Height comparison is based on the height of the center indentation on the top surface of the clutch.

How to use (Explained with the old type clutch.)

SX ULTRA MAG will be used for the explanation. The same applies to other models such as the ZX series.

Remove the handle unit from the main unit.

Using pliers, pliers, etc., pull out the "pin" inserted in the genuine clutch.

Please be careful not to scratch or injure the frame.

This is the length of the pin. When the pin is completely pulled out, the clutch can be removed from the frame.
The plastic parts on the side of the clutch are used as they are, so please be careful not to lose them.

Place the aluminum clutch.
Resin collars are inserted on both sides of the clutch.
(Color is white or black).

Push the pin in with pliers or other tools.
The pins are knurled, but the knurled side should be toward the front.
The knurled portion is fitted into the resin collar to make it tighter.

Leave approximately 4mm of space for the pin.
(It's a good idea to check how much was out before removing the genuine parts)

All that remains is to assemble it.
Lift the clutch and install the handle unit.
When installing the level winder, turn the handle lightly to avoid damaging the level winder drive gear.

Installed a Champagne Gold offset clutch on a ZX 1601C MAG.