ABU Morrum SX 1600C UltraMAG,IVCB - Avail Microcast Spool -

ABU Morrum SX 1600C UltraMAG,IVCB - Avail Microcast Spool -

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|Regarding the stock of AVAIL product
It takes us two to three days to get ready to send Avail products
because we order them from the Avail factory.
Sometimes they might be out of stock at the timing of your order.
In the case of a stockout, we refund your purchase price immediately.

Avail Microcast Spool SXUM 1620R (The spool rim level is 2.0mm) 
※It cannot be used for SX-IVCB.
Avail Microcast Spool SXUM 1640 (The spool rim level is 4.0mm)
Avail Microcast Spool SXUM 1683 (The spool rim level is 8.3mm)

This is light spool model for ABU Morrum SX UltraMAG 1600C/1601C, SX IVCB 1600C/1601C.
It can be used for Forell, S2, S2V as well.
If you replace the original brake unit, you can use the Spool for IVCB.

Morrum SX
Morrum SX
Microcast Spool SXUM

Morrum SX
The spool pictured left is a genuine spool of 3601C UltraMAG.
Compare to Microcast Spool pictured right.

Morrum SX
Reel : ABU Morrum SX1601C Ultra MAG
Spool : Microcast Spool SXUM1640 (Gunmetal)
Clutch Lever : Avail SX Aluminum Clutch Offset type (Gunmetal)

This model cannot be used for Morrum ZX series because the shaft length is different.

|Microcast Spool SXUM1620R

Morrum SX

Morrum SX

|Microcast Spool SXUM1640

Morrum SX

Morrum SX

Morrum SX

Morrum SX

Morrum SX

|Microcast Spool SXUM1683

Morrum SX

Morrum SX

Morrum SX

Morrum SX


Spool : extra super duralumin
Shaft : stainless-steel


ABU Garcia Morrum SX 1600/1601
(IVCB / UltraMAG / Forell / UM S2 etc.)

Not compatible with ZX IVCB-4 because of size difference
※SXUM 1620R is not compatible with SX-IVCB.


Microcast Spool SXUM 1620R : 8.7g
(The weight ratio against genuine product approximately 64%)

Microcast Spool SXUM 1640 : 8.7g
(The weight ratio against genuine product approximately 64%)

Microcast Spool SXUM 1683 : 9.1g
(The weight ratio against genuine product approximately 67%)

ABU genuine spool SX 1601C UltraMAG : 13.5g

|Line capacity

SXUM1620R 12Lb- - :10Lb-35m : 8Lb-50m
SXUM1640 12Lb-75m : 10Lb-90m : 8Lb-105m
SXUM1683 12Lb-135m : 10Lb-160m : 8Lb-215m

※The numerical value mentioned above is the result of measuring by winding nylon line up to the edge of spool rim.

|How to interchange spool

(Take 3601C IVCB as an example)

Morrum SX
The reel pictured in the above photo is Abu Garcia's 3601C IVCB.

Morrum SX
Step one, please remove the brake parts from the stock spool and place them in the same order on your new Microcast spool.

Morrum SX
To remove the brake parts, please use a small precision flathead screwdriver and gently pry them off.

Morrum SX
After you have removed the brake parts you will notice that there are 2 brake arms attached. You will also notice that there are 2 empty brake arm holders available. If needed, you can attach 2 more brakes and make your reel a 4 brake version at this time.

Morrum SX
Next, place the brake parts on your new Microcast spool. This should be very easy to accomplish.

Morrum SX
After you have replaced the brake parts on your new spool, simply replace the new spool back onto your reel and you will be finished.

Morrum SX

Changing out the magnets on your Ultramag

The stock magnets found on your Ultramag are quite weak. Please change them out with our thick and
strong custom ones. The brake setting will feel different, but we recommend using them for easier and smoother casting.

|Part 1 Changing magnets out one at a time.

First, please set your mag dial to 15. (This will allow for quicker and easier changes.)

Please use your reel wrench to remove the stock magnets.

Place the tip of your wrench over one magnet and remove it.

It should be easy to remove the magnet as they are simply fitted in each hole.
* Some wrenches are made from stainless steel and may not work. If your wrench is stainless, please use a flathead screwdriver to remove the magnets.

After you have removed one magnet, please replace that magnet with your new one. Please make sure that you have replaced each magnet in the right direct and that they are firmly seated back in their proper position.

After you have finished replacing all the magnets your reel should look like this. If not, you need to take apart the unit. Instructions to do so will be found below.

|Part 2 Taking apart the unit and replacing the magnets

First, set your mag dial to 1

Next, place your reel wrench as shown in the above photo.

Next, use the wrench to remove the black cap. Becareful not to lose the spring found underneath that cap when removing!

After you have removed the cap and spring,next please remove the plate from your reel.Next remove each magnet from their retainer. (Do not remove the mag plate found underneath the magnets)

If you know how to remove everything, this is an easier way.

Please align the magnet holder with the grooves. After you have finished all the above steps, re-assemble your reel and your finished.

After you have your reel back together, please make sure that your mag dial is working correctly.