[Avail] SHIMANO Microcast Spool ANTAR25, ANTAR39 for ANTARES AR (2006 model year)

[Avail] SHIMANO Microcast Spool ANTAR25, ANTAR39 for ANTARES AR (2006 model year)

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| Type and description
Avail Microcast Spool ANTAR25
(The spool rim level is 2.5mm)
Avail Microcast Spool ANTAR39
(The spool rim level is 3.9mm)


This model is for Antares AR.
The diameter of the spool is φ34mm, which is same as Metanium Mg.

You can replace the genuine SVS.
Also special 4-point centrifugal brake "4P-Brake MT07"is available.
You can attach a special magnetic brake "Microcast Brake ANTAR".

* Impossible to use the combination of SVS and magnetic brake.

| Spool colors

| Braking system options

With No brake
* When you just remove SVS from your genuine spool and use it, please choose here.
At the most reasonable price, you can try the performance of lightweight spool.


With 4P centrifugal brake
* It is lightweight exclusive brakes and you can easily attach it.
Since it is manufactured more lightly (about 0.3g loss in quantity) than a genuine SVS unit, the spool gross weight also becomes still lighter.


With a magnetic brake
"Microcast Brake ANTAR"
* Although the attachment would be difficult, fine tuning of the magnetic brake is possible even with SHIMANO reel.

| Spec
| Material

Spool : extra super duralumin
Shaft : stainless-steel

| Compatibility

Antares AR
(Not compatible with Antares DC)
(Not compatible with CALAIS series)

| Weight

Microcast Spool ANTAR25 : 9.0g
(The weight ratio against genuine product approximately 74%)

Microcast Spool ANTAR39 : 8.9g
(The weight ratio against genuine product approximately 73%)

SHIMANO genuine spool : 12.1g
* The numerical values of genuine spool weight is the result of measuring with SVS unit.

| Line capacity
ANTAR25 12Lb-55m:10Lb-65m:8Lb-85m
ANTAR39 14Lb-75m:12Lb-90m:10Lb-105m:8Lb-135m

* The numerical value mentioned above is the result of measuring by winding nylon line up to the edge of spool rim.

| Instruction
| How to replace SVS

To replace genuine SVS unit on Microcast Spool
Brake unit is press-fitted.
Loosen the unit by lifting each of those 3 ears by turns.
(the unit is firmly attached by bond and others)
After loosening to some extent, pull straight out from spool.
Please remove the unit off the spool without damaging the brake.

Put the Microcast spool with SVS into reel.

Since the total weight of spool gets lighter, you will use less number of brake block.

| How to attach magnitic brake

Brake unit is required separately.
"Microcast Brake ANTAR" is compatible with the product.
Please refer to the instruction of ALDEBARAN to attach the brake.

As pictured above, the palming cup is needed to be open.
(You need to disassemble and assemble the main unit.)