[Avail] ABU NEW Shallow Spool [CD320R, CD340R] for Cardinal 3 series

[Avail] ABU NEW Shallow Spool [CD320R, CD340R] for Cardinal 3 series

Our Selling Price: US$55.44 [Regular Price: US$79.20]

Product Description

The spool for the Cardinal 3 was remodeled in August 2023 while maintaining the advantages of the previous model.

By processing the spool edge thinner than the previous model, the flying distance and casting feel have been further improved compared to the previous model.
This spool is recommended for mountain stream trout and other light game using PE line.

Laser engraving has been applied to the new model.
The engraving makes it easier to identify the groove depth of the spool.

*CD320R (Formerly CD0450R) Groove depth: 2 mm
*CD340R (Formerly CD0590R) Groove depth: 4 mm

The line capacity of PE and nylon lines is also laser-engraved.

Line holes and identification grooves have also been machined as in conventional products.
Please refer to the bottom of this page for details on using the line hole.

The design around the push button in the center of the spool has also been changed.
We are developing parts that can change colors and internal wear parts, which will be sold separately.

By replacing the spool, you can enjoy improved performance and a genuine atmosphere.




How to install

While holding down the button on the top of the spool, pull the spool to remove it.
When installing the spool, push it vertically against the shaft until it clicks into place.

How to use the line hole

There is one line hole on the front side of the spool.

Pass the line through the hole from the front side.

Pass the line through the hole from the front side.

To prevent the line from slipping through the hole, make a bump and start winding the line.


- Basic Specifications

Spool material: Polyacetal resin
Button holder material: Aluminum alloy
Button material: Polyacetal resin
Compatible reel: ABU Cardinal 3/33/3X/3R/3E/33X/3BP/3RD

- Regarding Weight

Spool / Weight
CD320R / 21.0 g
CD340R / 20.3 g
Genuine spool / 20.4 g
*Weight may vary slightly depending on the production lot.

- CD320R Line Capacity
PE 0.4: 90 m, PE 0.6: 75 m, PE 0.8: 50 m
Nylon 3 lb: 65 m, Nylon 4 lb: 50 m, Nylon 5 lb: 35 m

- CD340R Line Capacity
PE 0.6: 150 m, PE 0.8: 110 m, PE 1.0: 70 m
Nylon 4 lb: 110 m, Nylon 5 lb: 90 m, Nylon 6 lb: 70 m

*The above measurements were taken with SHIMANO Corporation's PE line Pitbull 4 braided up to the C side of the spool.
The above PE line spooling amounts vary depending on the customer's line.

*The above measurement was taken with Yamatoyo Tegusu Co., Ltd.s Versatile Design (nylon) line wound up to the C surface of the spool.
The amount of nylon line spooled depends on the line the customer uses.