Bearing method of replacing the Big Shooter

First, loosen the cam lock screw.

Then, it can be decomposed into three such as the reel body spool.

Of you to prepare a precision flat-blade screwdriver to be used when removing the replacement bearing two and the E ring, it is a spool bearing remover.

Spool shaft bearing exchange of (side cover side)

First, replace the bearings in the arrow part.

This site can not be taken out of the bearing to be removed the E-ring of the photo.
Remove the E-ring with a flathead screwdriver for that.

First of all, have a flathead screwdriver in his right hand, it will rely on tip into the hole in the E ring.

Press the E ring in the thumb of the left hand to each flathead screwdriver the top right corner in the state.
Then you can remove the E-ring.

By removing the E-ring, you can take out the white plastic gears and bearings.

Replace the genuine bearing on your choice of bearings.

Finally, return the white plastic gear, is the work completion be fixed in such again pliers the E ring.

Spool shaft bearing exchange (handle side)

Bearing of the spool shaft portion (handle side) will also be possible to exchange With the spool bearing remover.

The removal of the shaft pin spool bearing remover you used.

When broken down here can remove the bearing from the spool, it allows bearing exchange.

Attach the bearing of hope to the spool shaft.

After the exchange is completed work be attached again using a spool bearing remover the shaft pin.

Finally assembled each of the parts, is the work completed if the operation without any problems.