Bearing exchange method of surpassing

The edge of the side cover by turning it counterclockwise, and then remove the side cover.

Then, it can be decomposed into the reel body-side cover spool.

Of you to prepare only precision flat-blade screwdriver to be used when removing the replacement bearing two and the bearing stopper ring.

Bearing How to replace the side cover part

First, remove the bearing stopper ring of arrows.

Precision a flathead screwdriver addressed as shown in the photo to a piece of the bearing stopper ring, you can remove and scoop up from the bottom while pressing a little to the inside of the bearing stopper ring.

In this case, bearing stopper ring can prevent the loss of parts and to work while pressing lightly with the opposite finger. Even if you if you lose unexpectedly spare bearing stopper ring We are also ready.

Bearing stopper ring after removal of the and take out the genuine bearing.
At this time, the handle knob cap remover is easy to recommend because it can be taken out by hooking the bearing With such.

By removing the bearing stopper ring enables genuine bearing is taken out exchange.

After installing the replacement bearings and snap it into the inside of the groove and push the bearing stopper ring finger.
Please try to be working again push the bearing to the back if the bearing stopper ring does not fit well.

Each part is the successful work completed if attached without any problems.

Bearing exchange method of the spool shaft portion

Bearing of the spool shaft section also allows you to exchange With the spool bearing remover.

The removal of the shaft pin spool bearing remover you used.
※ spool bearing remover more information on how to use, please refer to the product page.

When broken down here can remove the bearing from the spool, it allows bearing exchange.

After bearing mounting, again the shaft pin spool bearing remover is the work completion be attached using.

Finally, the assembly of the reel, please perform the operation check whether there is a problem.