15 Aldebaran BFS XG Limited way of bearing exchange

Place to replace the bearing is two places of the side cover cap portion and the side cover part.

First, to release the lock by turning the genuine side cover cap in the direction of the arrow.

Then, it can be decomposed into the reel body spool side cover.

Of you to prepare a precision flat-blade screwdriver to be used when removing the replacement bearing two and the bearing stopper ring, which is enclosed at the time of reel purchase reel wrench is required.
Please use if you do not have the if so we offer in our company.

Bearing How to replace the side cover cap portion

You must first remove the handle and star drag.

Then remove the side cover cap using a reel wrench.
Use together a protrusion of the reel wrench into the recesses of the side cover cap.

This will retrieve the genuine bearing.
This reel, bearings in the side cover cap will be taken out easily because they are not fixed by the bearing stopper ring.

At this time, the handle knob cap remover is easy to recommend because it can be taken out by hooking the bearing With such.

Replace the genuine bearing on your choice of bearings.

Attach the bearing to the reel body.

Install the side cover cap.

In this case, it has been released from HEDGEHOG STUDIO side cover cap BFS Superior When you replace, you will be able to take out the parts by simply turning by hand without using a reel wrench during disassembly as well as dress-up.
Labor decompose the handle and star drag is also recommended for you because no.

In preparation for attaching the star drag, the end face and the end face of the fixing nut of the handle shaft and right to adjust the parallel as shown by a dotted line in the photograph.

Mounting When the end surface and the end face of the star drag of the hole in the hole of the star drag black sounding plate is adjusted so as to be in parallel as shown by the dotted line of the photos when viewed from the back will be smooth.

Install the star drag and handle body fitted with a spring in the handle shaft.

After installation, is the work completed if there is no star or drag is properly interference drag is effective against, to check work if the handle is not rattling problem.

Bearing How to replace the side cover part

Then remove the bearing stopper ring of the arrow of the side cover.

Precision a flathead screwdriver addressed as shown in the photo to a piece of the bearing stopper ring, you can remove and scoop up from the bottom while pressing a little to the inside of the bearing stopper ring.

At this time, you can prevent the loss of parts and to work while pressing lightly the bearing stopper ring in the opposite side of the finger.

By removing the bearing stopper ring enables genuine bearing is taken out exchange.
If the bearing is difficult to take out the handle knob cap remover you can easily exchange work be taken out as hooking using.

Replace the genuine bearing on your choice of bearings.

Install the replacement bearings. Mounting method is only'll simply put a hand to the site that contained the bearing.
After that, until it snaps into the groove and push the bearing stopper ring finger.
Please try to be working again push the bearing to the back if the bearing stopper ring does not fit well.

It is successfully completed work if each part is attached as shown in the photograph.

Finally, turn the handle to check the rotation of the spool, is complete all of the work if the work without problems.

※ Note

Because the spool of 15 Aldebaran BFS XG Limited does not have a bearing is mounted, has nothing to do with this time of bearing exchange. In addition, structural Please keep in mind that it can not also be fitted with bearings in additional .