[ULUCUS] Chibinobu 17

[ULUCUS] Chibinobu 17

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Item Description

Chibinobu 17

※ This item is ordered and sales of separately (1).
Please purchase two in the case of use of a reel of a double handle.

Size: length about 39 mm, maximum diameter of about 17 mm, minimum diameter of about 8 mm, weight about 5g

Accessories: Bearing (740ZZ size) 1, spacer, adjusting washers, manual

adaptation: Shimano Handle Knob A type and Daiwa steering wheel knob S type adopted to that reel.

※ bearings we have one comes, but, as the commodity has become a two mounting can structure.
I received confirmation of the reel of use,
we ask that you please provide a bearing of 740ZZ size if necessary.
With regard to the basic structure, please refer to the photo below. 。






Gun Metal


※ production time, there is the case that there is a difference in color. So thank you for your understanding.