[Avail] ABU Microcast Brake CR2/CL2 for Ambassadeur 4000/5000/6000 series

[Avail] ABU Microcast Brake CR2/CL2 for Ambassadeur 4000/5000/6000 series

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Item Description

 Regarding the stock of AVAIL product

It takes us two to three days to get ready to send Avail products
because we order them from the Avail factory.
Sometimes they might be out of stock at the timing of your order.
In the case of a stockout, we refund your purchase price immediately.

 Description of the product

Microcast Brake CR2 (for right handle)
Microcast Brake CL2 (for left handle)

Microcast Brake CR2 (for right handle)

Microcast Brake CL2 (for left handle)

Here is magnetic brake for ABU Garcia ambassadeur 4000/ 5000/ 6000 series.
It is compatible with many types of reel including classical types.
You can use it for the genuine and Avail's spools.

※There are some unconfirmed types about compatibility because of its versatility.
Please make sure if it's compatible with your reel before purchase.

More precise adjustment of brake is achievable by adjusting the distance between spool and the brake.
It is also possible to use the magnetic brake in combination with centrifugal brake.
It makes the adjustable range wider.
The appearance will never change though,
"magnetic Ambassadeur" may change the way you use it!

A wrench is provided for adjusting.



Brake unit : Plastic
Magnet position adjuster : Steel
Brake position adjuster : Stainless-steel
Hex wrench : Steel


Brake body : 8.0g (including magnets)

|Max number of magnet

5 pieces

 Instruction Manual

|How to attach magnetic brake

Take Ambassadeur 5000 (old type) as an example

Disassemble the handle unit and the palming cup,
then take out the spool.

Fit the brake unit into the post attaching to the reel foot.
Press the brake till it contacts the frame of reel.

This is an angle from the handle unit side.

Mount the palming cup, and put them all back together again.
Please make sure that spool doesn't contact the magnets by turning the handle before casting.

※To adjust the brake finely ;
we suggest turning the position adjuster with a wrench by a half or quarter turn.


Please note :

it's not possible to mount the brake unit on some old type reel with line-alarm function.

This is the inside of palming cup of ABU 5000D.

With this function, it cause interference with magnetic brake.
5500D and 5000B might be the same.