[Fishman] Beams LOWER 8.6L

[Fishman] Beams LOWER 8.6L

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Item Description

8.6ft added to LOWER, the No.1 ecstatic cast in the Fishman rod group

[Beams LOWER 8.6L (Beam Lower)] Long 8.6ft added to LOWER
Casting is supple but sharp because the butt joint section is longer than 7.3L.
This enables power transmission without waste, leading to further improvement in long-distance casting performance.
It should deliver the lure of 5 to 6g that could not be delivered by 7.3L to the ideal place.
From the 8.6 ft length, it becomes an action such as winding and a bite, but at this time even more surprising performance appears.
This tip section was developed with a focus on "needle hooking" performance, which is difficult to disengage so that it will become entangled.

Total length: 260cm (8.6ft)
Material: 4-axis carbon rod
guide: K guide titanium +
stainless weight: 167g Joint
number: 3 piece finish
dimension : 96cm
Grip length: 44.5cm
Luer weight: 5-25g
Line: PE0.6-2 No.

【Grip part】 The
grip length is extended by 4 cm from 7.3 L, and it is also compatible with long cast.

[Blanks guide] A
single foot guide is attached to the tip # 1 to reduce the weight.
The tip section, which allows you to cast suppleness peculiar to the lower, adds appropriate tension to improve sensitivity and flight distance.