[ 34 / THIRTY FOUR ] ZEROGRA double handle IV *discontinued

[ 34 / THIRTY FOUR ] ZEROGRA double handle IV *discontinued

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Item Description

■ ZEROGRA double handle IV

〜 world's lightest 11.1g〜

was challenged to a further weight reduction in order to achieve a sensitivity of more than imagination.

・Handle pitch (width)

・weight (about)
Daiwa corresponding 11.1g
Shimano corresponding 11.6 g of

・handle material
than duralumin

・knob type
acrylic knob

when the loose special tool with a knob nuts, use a special tool attached.
You can tighten also a hex wrench, but please keep in mind that lead to damage due to tightening.

Handle pitch (width), 2mm long reduction from 65mm and previous work.
Despite the long reduction, the weight was successful 24.5% of weight reduction from previous work and 11.1g (※ 1).
This time, first entered from the review of the knob, change so far from the resin (POM) to the acrylic. The great advantage of acrylic is the advantage that the harder lightly. Katakere if of course, you model improves sensitivity surface.
Weight as much as 20% compared to the resin (POM) lightly, only 1.0g knob with the shape change is now complete.
Plate and shaft carved from ultra duralumin also dared a thorough lightening up every detail.
As a result, the world's lightest (※ 2) repaint greatly, it has realized the light of wonder. Lightness of this marvel, please come and experience the sensitivity.

※ 1 ··· Daiwa corresponding model
※ 2 ··· as a double handle of metal (2019 July)

attention ... handle on your use is a very delicate product.
In normal use there is no problem in terms of strength, but there are cases where it may occur, such as cracking of the bend or knob of the handle when bumped or dropped. Please note that earnestly handling.
For this time of the knob does not work is thin centrifugal force, I feel it is difficult at first glance rotation, but no problem at all on the use.
This resin skirt, but should be mounted in a state that was raised to the upper side (knob side). After installation, to prevent the entry of foreign matter by down to a position that does not hit the reel.
When installed in a down state skirt comes into contact with the reel, the handle will not rotate.
Please note that lead to damage of the skirt.

■ Color


・Gun Metal

・champagne gold