[Daiwa genuine · SLP WORKS] TATULA 100 NARROW spool

[Daiwa genuine · SLP WORKS] TATULA 100 NARROW spool

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Item Description

■ Product concept

TATULA TW100, corresponding to the TATULA CT TYPE-R, ultra-duralumin spool.

Success from 19TATULA TW 100 genuine spool is made of ultra-duralumin to a reduction in the weight of the 1g.
It can your fun exhilarating cast feel at high rotation performance, which rises smoothly.

■ Color Line



■ compatible models

19TATULA TW100 size (Φ34 narrow-body)
TATULA CT TYPE-R series (Φ34 narrow-body)

*TATULA 100 series (Φ34), TATULA SV series (Φ34), TATULA HD custom 150 size (Φ36) It does not correspond to.

■ Spec

own weight: 16g

standard winding yarn-weight nylon (lb-m): 14-115, 16-100

spool diameter (mm): Fai34

*TATULA, narrow spool, SLP Works